BestDapp OpenBay earn money bid by bid
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BestDapp OpenBay earn money bid by bid

By beareader | cryptopinion | 17 Dec 2019

eBay was one of the first auction sites in the world and became the biggest by volume and evolution is starting even in that field so eBay, move away because OpenBay is coming and will grow fast to become a giant directly from the Cybermiles wallet but available on the web too.

On OpenBay you get paid every time you get overbid bringing home 10% of the difference.

These are two of the hot auctions they present as HOT and I think they are right:

hot auctions


Let's look at the BTC one a juicy for sure and if you cannot wait to sign up, use my ref link:


BTC auction


I think this image speaks for itself, every bid done will make you earn 1 USDT that you can withdraw from the balance section, unfortunately the withdrawal fee in USDT is 4 USDT but if you play your cards right you can earn nicely, it is possible to deposit and withdraw even BTC, ETH, CMT, and USDT.

Referring is obviously giving some extra earnings

There are even some iPhone X in there and interesting merch and stuff so dive in.

Every bid done on OpenBay gives the users a rebate, but it is better to read the rules about it all:

1. Auction type Rebate Bid adopts fixed-price ascending auction: For every auction, all bids will increase a fixed price on top of the previous bid, starting from the opening bid.
2. Basic rules When an auction begins, every bid will add a fixed price on top of the previous bid. The highest bidder would not be able to place a bid (can't outbid himself) before outbid. When an auction ends, the highest bidder wins.
3. Preview All auction products on Rebate Bid will be pre-displayed for two days, with details of all the auction products listed. Bidders should carefully read and review the product information during the preview. A user's bidding is taken as being fully aware of the auctioned product details.
4. Bidding Users' bidding on Rebate Bid is regarded as being fully aware of the platform's auction rules and details of the products being auctioned. A successful bid by a user indicates that the user accepts the auction product at the bid price.
5. Security Deposit Users will be required to have a deposit of no less than 20% of the bid price available to be frozen for an auction. There should be enough cryptocurrency in their balance before bidding in order to place any bid. When a user's bid is exceeded by other users, his deposit will be unfrozen immediately
6. Deposit calculation Users can add USDT, BTC, ETH, and CMT to their balance. The platform will calibre the USDT amount in "My Balance" according to the market price once an hour to determine the value of the cryptocurrency in "My Balance" in USDT. The frozen deposit amount is calculated in USDT when a user bids, and the corresponding amount of cryptocurrency is frozen depending on the balance sufficiency of the user (if his USDT is insufficient, ETH, BTC or CMT will be frozen)
7. Bid rebate Each time a user makes a successful bid and gets outbid by another user, user is rebated with 10% of the increment, which is immediately sent to the user's balance in USDT and can be withdrawn at any time.
8. Invite reward Invite a friend to join the auction. If the invitee places a bid and gets outbid, the referrer can get an extra 5% reward of the outbid increment. The reward in USDT will be immediately added to the inviter's balance and withdrawable. If the invitee wins an auction and pays the remaining, the inviter will receive 1% of the hammer price of the product as a bonus reward.
9. Hammer Price At the end of the auction, the user must pay the remaining, i.e. 80% of the hammer price within 50 minutes after the auction. If the balance is not paid, the frozen security deposit will be deducted as a penalty for breach of contract.
10. Delivery The day after Rebate Bid receives the full payment from the user, the product seller is informed to ship. The seller will ship within 5 working days and the shipping fee is covered by the seller.
11. Getting points Auction winners can get points after paying for the products. The points can be seen in "My Points"
12.Using Points Rebate Bid plans to have products that can be purchased with points. Users can use their points to buy products and other services.
13. Contact us Please read these rules carefully. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service

Today it was inaugurated and early birds may be rewarded more who knows?

Start bidding and earning with my ref code on OpenBay.


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