Another BestDapp directly from star trek (just kidding)
Swissborg representation with some achievements

Another BestDapp directly from star trek (just kidding)

By beareader | cryptopinion | 18 Dec 2019

Stupid Prelude

I know, I know, how many BestDapps there are out there?

As many as great developers can think of!


Post prelude

Here I am with the phone in the hand reading an email, on my throne, for 5 minutes at time, thinking about how i forgot to write about this great Dapp that will give money prizes to the best BTC price predictors without asking nothing in return.


Strange name

SwissBorg, using the words of other better people:

Lets You follow the evolution of the price of Bitcoin, from your phone, on their interactive Live Bitcoin Price chart. 

This community app gives you access to a Daily Bitcoin Analysis, in the learn tab, which has two intrinsic indicators: the Community trend and the CyBorg Predictor.

The app is more than just a game. It is a place to learn and hone your market analysis and forecasting skills


Join over 65K community of active players who’ve made more than 1 million forecasts! See if you can beat the Cyborg Predictor and get a chance to win Bitcoin! 


Long story short

Go to, install the app and insert this code ZVL5RXA to receive some points to start to predict and earn points, every day you get 200 points and after a streak you get more points for free, no ads, no boredom, just learn, exploring the nice on the eyes, Dapp. I was forgetting, in the end, you will get even a token CHSB sold on some of the best Exchanges like Bitstamp, Kraken, Coinbase available to card buyers' and traded for crypto on Kucoin, HitBtc, Livecoin, Idex.

swissborg dapp screenshot  prize pool

Ah BTC is messing up with us again, another negativity wave is over us still, BTC is alive, we'll see I guess. Do not forget to earn those badges they help you get more points and the more points higher the rank and higher probability to win some nice amount, more people join more money up for grab up to half million dollars yep 500,000 USD!!!

bonus points  badges

invite and earn pointspast predictions

Don't lose time and try to harness the power of referring to rake up points. It's FREE! 

Please don't forget to use my code while installing the app: Go to, install the app and insert this code ZVL5RXA, thank you!!!

See you soon!


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