CryptoPick Update - Patch V 4.0: front-end revamp

Dear Pickers, 

In order to make your user experience even more enjoyable, we have been working hard to recode the whole front-end part of the platform using the Vue.js framework. Vue.js is a framework specially used for user interfaces and single-page applications, this means that when you use CryptoPick on your mobile phone it will look and feel like a real application but in your browser... yes even more than before! We are very proud to present Patch 4.0:

  • New technology, Vue.js for a Single-Page app 📲, resulting in:

► faster. and smoother loadings 🏃‍

► bugfixes (flickering of icons,etc.) 🛠️

► new visual effects 🌟

  • New interface and dropdown menu:

►  3 dots dropdown menu (⋮) replaced by avatar dropdown menucryptopick

►  The "profile" tab was removed 

► "My profile" was added to the avatar dropdown menu

...and as good news never comes alone, we are also preparing for the upcoming roll-out of the Picky Shop 🏪 


Stay tuned, many more to come to make CryptoPick even better !! 🔥 🔥 🔥  

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For more information about CryptoPick and Pickies©, you can read our articles "CryptoPick - Official guide" and "What are Pickies?"

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