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Hi Pickers,

We are super excited to share our progress and can't wait to see you enjoy all the novelties we implemented.
Over 29 000 players have now joined CryptoPick, and our long-awaited NFT integration is now live on Polygon, meaning you can now tokenize, collect, and exchange CryptoPick NFTs.

Below you will find a summary of our latest achievements and the sexy stuff that is coming your way.


🏗️ NFT integration
We are proud to announce that one of the most anticipated and essential updates has successfully been deployed. Our NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are now live on the Polygon (previously MATIC) blockchain. Read everything about why we integrated NFTs, how they work, and their added value in our ecosystem in this article.

Important things to do:

👊 Polygon Partnership
We have announced our partnership with Polygon. Not only have we decided to deploy our NFTs on Polygon, but they also love the product and community we are building, meaning they are helping us develop the project by sharing their knowledge, giving us access to their network, and support us financially. This is a massive milestone for CryptoPick as Polygon has become a significant player in the crypto space, establishing itself as one of the leading layer two solutions currently being adopted by a massive amount of projects.

🛍 Arkane Market
An essential aspect of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) is that they can be exchanged between players and collectors, meaning you can buy NFTs from others to expand your CryptoPick collection, and you can also sell your NFTs. The most secure and efficient way to exchange NFTs is by using marketplaces. You can read all about it right here.

💞 The Community Contest collection
Together with our NFT integration on Polygon, we released a new collection. Not just any collection, this collection results from the Community Contest that occurred a couple of months back. The last collection took 3 months to sell out. This time it was gone in 6 days. Stack up your Pickies and get ready for the next drops!

What is to come:

✨ NFT drops in collaboration with NFT artists, communities, and projects
We are working with several incredible artists, communities, and projects to produce exclusive NFTs.

The first artist for the Artist Collection was just revealedThe drop will start today (8th April) at 3:30 PM CET, you better be ready! 

🛍️ OpenSea marketplace
Soon you will be able to trade CryptoPick NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace. OpenSea is the biggest NFT marketplace in the world. Being listed here is vital for building a healthy market around our NFTs.

⛏️ PoP (Proof Of Prediction)
Today, you can earn Pickies by making correct predictions, inviting friends, or unlocking achievements and In the future, making predictions (whether right or wrong) will earn you Pickies.

💸 NFT utilities
The last step of our NFT integration is to add several utilities to our NFTs. The first one we will introduce will impact the amount of Pickies your earn with PoP, the more NFTs you own the higher your PoP reward.

🙊 New game
We are working on a new game based on your suggestions and feedback.

❓ AMA Monday

Every first Monday of the month, we organize a Ask Me Anything session. Watch our latest AMA session.

In these AMA sessions, we talk about what was achieved last month, what we are working on, and most importantly, answer your questions!

The next AMA Monday is scheduled for the 12th of April 2021Submit all your questions. The AMA sessions are live-streamed on our YouTube channel.

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