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CryptoPick Guide: Official guide to play, predict and earn crypto

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Our team is proud to present CryptoPick, a simple alternative to trade crypto.

We wanted CryptoPick to be more than just a game and make it a real prediction simulation, allowing our players to compete against each other and win Pickies© (the in-game currency) and ETH (Ξ). The more Pickies© you have, the more predictions you'll do and the more chance to earn ETH (Ξ) you'll get.

Our fun and intuitive interface should appeal to traders as well as predictions lovers and cryptogamers. 

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Moreover, it's totally FREE (no deposit and no cash needed).

When opening the game, (web browser, IOS, or in-app on windows and android), you can access directly to our refined and nice interface. 

At bottom of the page, the toolbar proposes 4 main groups of objects: 

  • Games items: Games / Tournaments / Leaderboard
  • Shop 
  • Balances: Ethereum and Pickies©
  • Other items: Notifications bell / Avatar - scrolling menu / Chat - war room

The main goal in CryptoPick is to earn Pickies© with good predictions. With those Pickies©, you'll be able to participate in many tournaments and by this way earning ETH (Ξ) and NFT's (coming soon).

At the moment, Pickies© are just in-game tokens and are not convertible in ETH (Ξ) yet. Only your results in tournaments will allow you to earn ETH (Ξ).


1. Games and tournaments

Two games are available:

  • UP / DOWN

You can directly choose them from the main page or by choosing the "Games" section.

You'll be able to play at your own rhythm and earn Pickies© by making good predictions.


In our game, the goal is to predict if your coin will go UP or DOWN for each selected timeframe:

  • 1H: BTC / ETH
  • 1D: BTC / ETH / BNB / LINK
  • 1W: BTC / ETH / BNB

All you have to do is to choose UP or DOWN and wait for the results.

  • Click on UP or DOWN
  • Choose your stake (min.10 Pickies© or 0.002 ETH (Ξ) )  and ✓ CONFIRM
  • Be rewarded if you're right: your winnings/loss will depend on your starting bet (stake)




This game is a very interesting game. You have to choose a coin among a full list connected directly on CoinMarketCap.

We wanted it educational because by playing, you can follow the trends and have a look on the top and flop cryptocurrencies on the selected timeframes.

All you have to do is to "CryptoPick" the coin that will rise (Moon) or fall (Doom) over the Hour / Day / Week / Month. The most successful predictions you'll achieve, the most Pickies (and ETH (Ξ) in the tournaments) you'll win.

  • Choose your timeframe (Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly)
  • Click on “PICK NOW ”
  • Choose your coin and “ CONFIRM
  • Wait for the result and be rewarded




The "Tournament" mode

Tournament is the complementary game mode that we added to provide more fun and make our game more attractive.

Like the previous games (UP/DOWN and MOON/DOOM), you can choose the tournament corresponding to your own playing rhythm.


By subscribing tournaments, you'll be able to earn real cryptocurrency: ETH (Ξ). All you have to do is playing to the relevant game mode for the duration.

A prize pool in ETH (Ξ) is fixed at the beginning and increases depending on participants number: prize pool increases as soon as a new participant is added.

Each tournament has its own characteristics: duration, timeframe, prize pool and distribution, requirements, fees in Pickies©.

You'll be able to follow your predictions by means of 3 sections: Upcoming / Ongoing / Finished (also available for the previous games).


In the previous picture, if you want to increase your chances to win a prize in ETH (Ξ), you'll have to make 4 daily predictions in a row at both the Daily Moon and Daily Doom.

Discover information about scoring and tournament mode "Moon / Doom Combos" in our article HERE


Follow your progress and compare your results with other players via the leaderboard and become the best at price prediction and coins picking.

3 leaderboards are available:


2. Picky shop 


3.Balances: Pickies and Ethereum


This item gives you the cumulative balance (in ETH (Ξ) ) that you've earned in the tournaments.


Pickies© is the in-game currency of CryptoPick. They are used for participating in games, joining tournaments, tipping other players, purchasing skins/NFT for your avatar, and much more. 

Pickies can be earned by winning games or unlocking achievements.

They can also be bought from the Picky Shop.

You earn Pickies© each time that you make a good prediction at UP/DOWN and MOON/DOOM.

Win Pickies© 

You can earn more by inviting friends to play freely on CryptoPick.   

We offer 500 Pickies© for each subscription to our game + 250 Pickies© for each referral doing 5 picks.

Read our post on What are Pickies©? for more details and Pickies© use cases.

Subscribe CryptoPick here


4. Other items


  • Notifications bell

You'll be notified each time a prediction is finished: you'll get your win or loss information. Notifications can also concern game achievements (3 rows hourly, 10 friends referring..).


  • "My Profile" item

Your profile lets you know what is your Picks activity, your stats with accuracy details/number of picks, and your achievements: the more you play the more tasks you achieve, and the most Pickies© you win, EASY :) 

Your achievements will allow you to customize your profile clamp appearance.







  • "Invite Friends" item

Invite your friend and earn 400 Pickies© if they do 5 picks. A 200 Pickies© bonus is offered if they subscribe to your referral link.


Subscribe CryptoPick here

  • "Buy Pickies" item

You can buy Pickies© by clicking on the "+" or "Pickies" symbols in the toolbar (1) or by choosing "Buy pickies" in the menu accessible from your avatar at the top right of the screen (2).


Once on the Pickies© purchase screen, you can "CHOOSE A PICKY PACK" (1).

You can then choose one of the two payment methods powered by PayPal (2): login and payment directly via your PayPal account or payment with Debit or Credit Card.


Get up to 35% discount for the purchase of a Picky pack.

  • "Deposit/withdrawal" item

You can simply withdraw your ETH (Ξ) by using your ETH (Ξ) address and sending a minimum of 0.025 ETH (Ξ)


Disclaimer: We only support hex addresses. A proper hex address starts with 0x. Please double-check this address, we cannot refund an incorrect withdrawal.

From any ETH (Ξ) wallet ( desktop  / paper / mobile / exchanges wallets)

  1. Copy your public deposit/receive address from your ETH (Ξ) wallet
  2. Go to CryptoPick withdrawal section
  3. Paste your public deposit/receive address in " Your ETH address " box
  4. Pick your amount to withdrawal from your CryptoPick account
  5. Click “ 📤Withdraw
  6. Done



You can deposit your ETH (Ξ) to fund your account and withdraw your earnings through Metamask or Arkane Network. This option is not necessary at the moment.


  • "Settings" item

This section allows you to set up all the elements related to your account: change password, enable/disable 2FA, reset stats, set up email notifications, enable/disable push notifications...


  • FAQ 

This section is being updated to answer any questions you may have.
Thank you for your understanding.

  • Chat / War Room

The place to chat with other players, to interact with us, and to ask all your questions.

chat room

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CryptoPick is a PvP market prediction game that rewards players in #ETH, #NFT's & Pickies while unlocking valuable trading insights. Join here: Predict, discover &Earn


CryptoPick is a PvP trading game where players compete against each other to earn ETH, Pickies, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Playing CryptoPick is a simple way to develop and test your trading skills while earning crypto and NFTs without risking anything. Official website:

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