¿What is Pharmacy? ¿Why are important in the society?

Hello, welcome to my first post about health and pharmacy knowledge.

In my first post, i will teach you, what a pharmacyst is and why they are important for  us  

First, we must understand that a pharmacist:

is a health professional, with chemical knowledge applied to health sciences, which is important for society, since it is in charge of the quality control of medicines, through a pharmaceutical analysis
the preparation and elaboration of drugs and medicines, as well as the research of vaccines and diseases, the pharmacist also has the task of raising social awareness through prevention infographics
in their establishments or working as a chemist or researcher in a
pharmaceutical company

Why we need pharmacist?
Pharmacists are important for the advice and dosage of medicines and drugs, as they are essential in the areas of food science in industries, drug toxicology departments, study of new drugs for drugs and quality control in the cosmetic area.Although, people dismiss the work of the pharmacist, because they always work in the shadows and do not have public recognition, because they are in the industry, hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, food and beverage industries, they have a crucial work in the sciences of health and in the industrial areas of food, skin care, beauty and quality control

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CryptoPharmacy-Health Information With Crypto
CryptoPharmacy-Health Information With Crypto

Hello guys, I am an advanced student of pharmaceutical chemistry, my name is Samuel Jimenez and I am 19 years old. In this blog I am going to explain what my career is about and about many diseases that exist in the world, as well as pandemics and cryptocurrencies and explanations of curious things Welcome to my CryptoPharmacy

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