Cryptofaucets #2: The Moons

By Cryptopeach | Cryptopeach | 29 Nov 2020


Today I'm going to talk about one of the best multi faucet in my opinion, the moon faucets.

It pays very well and has objectives that make you earn even more, is total legit, i've already maid various withdrawls without any problems, once reached the minimum it takes at max 48 hours to receive in your wallet.

First you have to register in their microwallet:

Then register with the same email in this links:



Bonus Bitcoin


Moon Litecoin


Moon Bitcoin


Moon Dogecoin


Moon Dash


Moon Bitcoin Cash

If you register with same email in all of them you will get instant payment to the coinpot microwallet right away without doing nothing but claim. The claim amount raises over time, you can check it out once you register.

It's a must have, it pays a lot, and for mantaining the loyalty bonus you just need to claim once a day from every faucet, you should really try it, after some work from the registration, it all connects and keeps the system very very simple.

Best Regards.

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