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Hey guys, welcome back to my Blog. In this article I am going to quickly go over “Wombat: Home of NFT Gaming”. If you are not sure what this platform is all about, I have left a tutorial link below along with my link for signing up. If you sign up with my link, we will both receive a free friendship seedling NFT which gives you an extra 10 mining power in Wombat Dungeon Master and this also entitles you to join my Discord Server to earn extra rewards. I will talk about this opportunity soon.

Wombat Tutorial → Click HERE to watch

Wombat Link → Click HERE to sign up

Wombat Payment Proof → Click HERE to watch

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What is Wombat/Womplay?

Basically this is a fantastic platform where it literally pays you crypto just for playing games. I have used this platform for 3 years and it keeps getting bigger and better with more and more ways to earn. I have a great game on Wombat that you can play to earn loads of "Wombucks". This game is called "Upland". This game has massive potential in itself and it is also a very nice way to earn from Wombat. Look at my earnings so far in the pic below. I play on a daily basis.


Why Join My Server?

If you are wanting to sign up to Wombat or Womplay and enjoy extra benefits, please contact me on my Discord and I will sign you up under my link. "But Why? I hear you ask, I have been helping a lot of people earn in my server. I help you and guide you what to do in Upland with Tutorials and advice. On top of this, if you are one of my referrals, I will personally upgrade your VIP in Wombat so you will potentially earn more crypto long term. I will upgrade your account up to VIP 5. See pic below for the benefits in each VIP level.



Here are the advantages for signing up through my link:

- Guides and Tutorials for Upland
- Free VIP upgrades for Wombat when reaching certain milestones
- Monthly messaging contest (paid in MATIC)
- Giveaways
- Chat tip bot (Paid in MATIC)

Here is an example of the milestones in my server. It literally pays to play.


**Please note, I can only add you into my server if I know 100% that you used my link. So please contact me via DM on Discord so I can help sign you up**

Please see below my Discord username and add me as a friend so I can help you get signed up:

USERNAME ---> cryptoearnings101_yt_channel


I am looking forward to onboarding you and welcoming you all to my server, so let's have fun playing games while earning crypto/.

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CryptoParent | Earn Online

My name is CryptoPar3nt and welcome to my blog “CryptoParent | Earn Online” where I show you how to make extra crypto online. So if you are interested in earning extra crypto by playing games, watching videos, staking and other exciting free ways, then please take 1 second to like this article and follow my blog.

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