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SaTT Token On the way to the Moon.

By Cryptoooz | Cryptoooz | 25 Mar 2021

Hi All,

2 days ago, SaTT Reach a new crucial Milestone by listing in HitBTC which is one of the most popular and more secure exchange Platform.

The available pair in HitBTC are SaTT.BTC and SaTT/USDT.

On Top of HitBTC, SaTT Token are availble on PROBIT, UNISWAP and PANCAKESWAP.

What’s SaTT ?

The target of SaTT is revolutionise advertising transactions through the block-chain. By using smart contracts,So it is redefining the relationship between advertisers and content creators.


There are several advantages of the decentralised SaTT application (dApp):

For Advertisers :

  • The costs are very low;
  • No intermediaries;
  • Statistics are relevant;
  • Payments are made automatically.

For Publishers :

  • Payments are secure;
  • no scam;
  • Instant payments;

SaTT is available today through many Social Media such Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter and Youtube.


How can I use SaTT Today?

As any token, SaTT allow you today to invest and trade. But not Only:

- You can create your SaTT Wallet and use it ad Advertiser or Publisher.


- You can exchange your SaTT in P2P platform which is integrated to your wallet with no Extra fees.

- You can Play “When Moon” Game available on PC, iOS and Android. Simple and interesting game to win token.


- You can get paid by SaTT using Application Store on Facebook which Allow you to sell and Buy things with SaTT.

Already Many things to do with SaTT, Please share your experience in the comments.


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