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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
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Earn Crypto while playing, the new way for passive income!

By Cryptoooz | Cryptoooz | 20 Mar 2021

Few days ago, I did a new discovery it was Womplay site which integrate many of famous Mobile games like Forge of Empires, Lords Mobile, Raid Shadow, Big Farm and many other popular games.

Womplay is rewards platform which allow gamers to earn some Wombucks while playing, then all earned Wombucks could be converted to EOS Token.

Womplay Platform suggest many challenges to earn Wombucks, in total we have 3 type of challenges:

  • Playing the favorite games suggested by Womplay where earning Wombucks could be possible by installing the game, reaching certain level or even making some purchases.


  • Quick play mode: Is based on Web games, thus, no need to install any program, player could earn 100 Wombucks per day, on top of 10 Wombucks for each played session but there’s a daily cap of 300 Wombucks.


  • Challenge mode: For some selected games the platform suggests a specific challenge limited in time and in number of winners where player have to be the best of their competitors to earn the maximum of Wombucks.


Each Friday Player could participate to Cash-Out Event which allow them to Convert all the earned Wombucks to EOS Token.


Come play and earn with me on Womplay — I'm sure you'll love it! Here's my referral link


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