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Barve Browser or How to earn Crypto while Surfing the Web.

By Cryptoooz | Cryptoooz | 19 Mar 2021

My new discovery, Earning Crypto currency while surfing the Web, incredible! No?


This is Brave browser concept, Brave is a free, fast, private and secure web browser available for PC, Mac and mobile that allow user to earn BAT Token, in fact by setting up Brave correctly, you can receive up to 5 Ads per hour, where each click is paid between 0.01 and 0.015 BAT.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a token based on Ethereum’s smart contracts which is designed to be used for advertising and digital marketing. 

User can withdraw earned Token (BAT) through Brave's relationship with Uphold or Gemini to automatically convert BAT into a currency of his choosing.

Another way to use the earned Token is to tip them to your favourite sites or content creator, user can automatically tip a set amount each month, or give one-time tips in an amount of their choice.

Brave Browser is an advanced and modern browser with safe and secure browsing and a unique rewarding system. It’s definitely worth trying.


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