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By Cryptoonestop | CryptoOneStop | 5 Dec 2020

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DeFi Swap

The popularity of Uniswap and its simple user interface for exchanging tokens have been cloned by many platforms. (CDC) recently integrated its DeFi Swap protocol onto its DeFi Wallet, allowing users to exchange tokens directly on the app.

The built-in swap function on DeFi Wallet will support swap pairs in Ethereum (ETH), Coin (CRO), Dai (DAI), among many other ERC-20 tokens.

Being a US user, I am unable to participate in the DeFi Swap protocol according to a pop-up warning. I have the app installed and the interface looks simple and easy to use. I do not have any funds in my DeFi Wallet so I am unable to utilize the swap feature. Pay Pay (CP) works the same way as Apple Pay, Chase Pay, or Samsung Pay. Recently, CDC integrated MetaMask and Wallet Connect to be able to transact in CRO.

With this integration, making payments with Pay is more accessible than ever. Pay users are also entitled to Pay Rewards and can earn up to 5% cash back for purchases when they stake CRO.

I have not used CP very much but if I am able to earn 5% cash back on purchases, I am definitely considering it.

Visa Card

CDC expands its reach into Canada as the Visa Cards will be available to ship starting January 2021.

Today, announced that Canadians can apply for its Visa Cards which will begin shipping to Canada in January. The addition of Canada further cements  the Visa Card’s status as the most widely-available card of its kind, following launches in Singapore (Oct ‘18), the United States (July ‘19) and Europe (Apr ‘20).

As CDC’s Visa Card become widely available around the world, demand for CRO will rise due to staking tier requirements for the awesome perks. One of the feature that makes great is the ability to seamlessly spend your crypto assets via the Visa Card. With instant cash back, you are able to apply your cash rewards toward your next purchase immediately.

There are restrictions to the CRO cash back rewards. You can find more information at this link. With every system, you can expect users to exploit loopholes or abuse it. Hopefully, we get a better system as time progresses since CDC relatively new to the Visa Card game.

Wire Transfers & Margin Trading

Both USD Wire Transfers and Margin Trading are welcomed additions to In addition to ACH (Automated Clearing House), users can now wire large amounts of USD into their accounts—there is a limit of 100,000 USD per day and 250,000 USD per month. These limits may change over time, but those are the initial values.

As a HODLer, I have no interest in margin trading but maybe it will help bring more users to CDC.

Margin Trading allows users to amplify their trading profits through borrowed funds during both up and down market movements. Users can access up to 3x leverage for BTC/USDT, with more trading pairs to come. The Coin (CRO) powers Margin Trading with additional utility, offering preferential interest rates—as low as 0.008% per day—to users who stake CRO.

Interest Earned

With the crypto space rallying, all of my portfolios are up a hefty chunk and my Earn portfolio is no different. In the last 4 weeks, my portfolio grew almost 6000 USD—I believe this is the highest earnings from interest across all 4 platforms that I use at the moment.

My Crypto Earn portfolio is up 37% in the last 4 weeks and I am extremely satisfied. You can track my earnings progress on the four major interest-earning platforms that I use by checking out this Google Spreadsheet.

A large chunk of my Crypto Earn portfolio is in BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum) so it makes sense why I am up so much. BTC is currently at a yearly high of 18.6k USD while ETH is sitting at 538 USD.  Even though the price of CRO dropped, my legacy coins are able to absorb the losses.

CRO Earnings

CDC changed the cash back rewards on the Icy White Card from 4% to 5% which went into effect at the beginning on October 2020. The extra 1% is adding up as I am using my card for nearly all purchases possible.

In the past week, I earned about 1369 CRO from staking, earning, and cash back rewards. While the price of CRO did take a hit and is currently at 0.07 USD, I am earning roughly 95 USD every week. As the price of CRO goes up, all the CRO I am earning will increase. The silver lining for CRO price at 0.07 USD is that I am earning more CRO from my staking, earning, and cash back rewards.

Conclusion & Prospect managed not to make things worse this time around and I sincerely hope they learned their lesson about being more transparent with their decisions. While almost every coin rallied in price, CRO remained around the 0.06 and 0.07 USD price.

Even though they dropped the earn rates for a majority of the coins, the CDC app still has plenty to offer as they continually add on more features. The earn rates for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), with the proper CRO amount staked, still remain one of the best in the industry.

As continue to expand services globally, I still have strong convictions in the platform and its growth potential. The crypto space is just starting to boom and with CRO at an attractive price, new investors will be the catalyst that brings CRO and CDC to new heights.

What I Am Doing

This section is dedicated to paid subscribers as I will go into details of what moves I am making with my interest-earning portfolios.

You are currently reading the Free Version. If you would like more information, please consider switching to a paid subscription.

Each week I will report on a different interest-earning platform that I use—mainly, Celsius, and BlockFi.

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