$YFI - yEarn Finance expands social media footprint to Reddit

By Crypto OG | CryptoOGkauai | 8 Sep 2020

Hi everyone,

I'm yEarn Finance's new Community Manager for Reddit. I was an unofficial moderator of the original yEarn Finance subreddit. Since the subreddit founder of the original subreddit was inactive and we couldn't mod the original forum, we decided to spin off a new subreddit.

Two nights ago, I was directly contacted by u/tracheopteryx and u/gismar on Reddit. I honestly thought gismar was yet another new user that needed help onboarding. I was told that earlier in the day, the Dev Team decided to expand their social media footprint to Reddit (which I view as a sign of expansion and product maturity) with me as the primary mod since I was already doing it unofficially anyway; I'm one of those kinds of people that have to step in and help if I can.

As part of a recent YIP, the multisig wallet signers were empowered to make decisions like the one above, in order to grow the ecosystem quickly and efficiently.

The original founder / moderator of the unofficial subreddit was MIA for over a month, so we had to do something if we wanted to be able to moderate an official subreddit. So instead, we launched a new one, and decided to point everyone to the new one.

That night we prepped it, and early in the morning on Sept. 6, 2020 gismar and I launched the Official Subreddit for $YFI.

We went from one user (myself) to over 600 subscribers in just one day, which is an amazing thing for a completely new subreddit. (If you're one of these 624 OGs: From the bottom of my heart - Thank You!)

Day 1:


Day 2:


The DeFi subreddit has been established for much longer, but we've already reached 10%+ of their current subscriber count in just one day.

Here's some background as to how I went from being a community volunteer writing this guide for fellow Redditors to able to farm LINK on yEarn to the Official Community Manager for yEarn on Reddit in less than two weeks (All while using a Reddit account that was only about a month old).

It's an insight into just how fast things move in DeFi vs. CeFi and banks, that all of this: from Dev Team decision to implementation of the new subreddit happened in a day. Something like this would take weeks, even months for a bank or large exchange.

The new Subreddit will be a one stop shop for in-depth information about the $YFI project, which is one of the coolest experiments in crypto to ever be conducted. This new subreddit will serve as a place for:

- New user onboarding

- Detailed Tech Support

- Detailed answers to complex questions about a complex suite of products (that are surprisingly easy to use once you get your head wrapped around it)

- Education about DeFi and $YFI - So many new products. So many new concepts and so new ways to make more crypto from idle assets.

- Latest news and info

- Exclusive news and insights into the project (a behind the scenes look at how sausage gets made)

- In-depth articles and discussion

- A place to do Due Diligence and research about the project as a potential investor

- A place for discussions about how to improve $YFI

- Constructive criticism and feedback (Nothing's perfect. No need to be a dick about it if something's not working out. Just help us to make it better)

- Hanging out with fellow YFI HODLers


In my humble opinion, there is a level of depth and detail on Reddit that cannot be found in other platforms such as Twitter, Telegram and Discord. What also cannot be overlooked is the permanence and concentration of this project information for someone looking for general or very specific information. Lastly, this subreddit will serve as a historian and repository of documentation of the living history of the $YFI project.


Now for some insights to those wondering how a DAO works. Here's my insight as a new secondary Dev Team member that's just helping out:

The Dev Team is extremely talented. They all wears multiple hats at this time. Besides being a community manager, I'm a secondary dev team member, doing my best to take some of the load off of primary dev team members. Here's my contribution so far:

1. $YFI Community Manager for YFI on Reddit

2. A Technical Writer / Engineer for $YFI (Documentation, guides)

3. Tier 1 Tech Support for $YFI

4. Cybersecurity Reviews - if asked

In my day job, I might have to tell other Sr. IT engineers, technicians, and system administrators what to do, but I prefer being a nerd doing nerd stuff, even if that means I'm writing SOPs or updating diagrams. For over 15 years, I've worked directly with private and government Research Labs including National Laboratories doing R&D and T&E as an Engineer working with Scientists and Engineers in many disciplines. Working with scientists and engineers from MIT-LL, NASA JPL, and other labs is just a weekday for me. I've been involved in the inception and development of products and projects at all stages of a product's product development.

As for crypto, I was around when BTC was about $50, home mining with BFL Jalapenos. I was also organizing BTC miners in the early days of ASICs when it became too expensive for an average person to afford the units of the time; our hashrate outranked all but a few countries at one point, and also organized the first community owned and operated Masternodes (Darkcoin, now Dash). I've done some minor crypto entrepreneurship before, so I know just how difficult it is to start and run something like $YFI.

Anyway, I think I'm just "average" for this ultra talented Dev Team and team of strategists. I'm an assistant to help enable all this greatness. That's how much friggin brainpower is behind this DAO and project. There's team members that are wearing even more hats than I am. It's why all of these "me too" clones are going to fail too, with a few exceptions.

I truly believe that this is the coolest project going on in crypto, past or present.

Please stop by the new subreddit for yEarn Finance. We love talking about DeFi and we love talking about FinTech.


Official yEarn Finance Subreddit

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