A Man In Italy Used This Way To Mining Ethereum

By Crypto sever | Cryptoo-news | 31 Oct 2020

An Italian airport employee allegedly used computer systems at work to mine Ethereum (ETH).

Illegal Mining

Today, a report from the Italian media company Rai News stated that personnel working at an airport in the Italian city of Lamezia Terme have installed mining-focused malware on the airport's computer systems.

In this process, the employee is said to have installed multiple mining rigs in the field, using the airport's back-end systems. Authorities eventually caught the culprit with security footage.

Technical services provider Sacal Global Solutions oversees the technical framework for airports in Calabria, Italy. The 41-year-old airport employee is believed to have entered Sacal's systems to install mining malware. The news summary also emphasizes that the actions of the staff put the backend computer systems of the airport at risk.

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