SafeMoon is Going to the moon!

By Cryptonyite | Cryptonyite | 9 May 2021



SafeMoon is now the number one watched coin on .
You may be wondering what the buzz is about. SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency that's been coded with the difference intention of being a store of long-term wealth – not just another currency.

Its just been few months for safemoon, and will soon be listed on major exchange in the world and be able to process millions of transactions per second. This makes Safemoon the first cryptocurrency that can do it.
In the next one to two years, you should see a huge spike in Safemoon.
As of today, the market cap of Safemoon is $5,671,424,369 USD. On May 10th 2021 (when the coin started), it was merely $98,601 USD.

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