Monnos - Live AMA on 10 March 1 P.M. GMT - $500 in MNS Token

By uygarpelin | CryptoNygma | 10 Mar 2020

I am here with a Monnos Announcement.
For detailed information about Monnos, you can read from the link below.

Monnos - Make your crypto work for you!

Let's go to the announcement,


Monnos invite everyone to participate of our “Ask Me Anything” to be held on Monnos’ Telegram in English with monnos CEO, Rodrigo Soeiro, on March 10 at 1PM GMT.

To participate, be online in this telegram channel at the scheduled date and time:

First AMA will take place in a few stages, Team will have a conversation about Monnos, Rodrigo will talk a little about the project.

After that team will have a game that will reward users, it will be a battery of questions about Monnos, whoever answers correctly will be awarded with MNS Tokens.

Then team will open for questions from our astronauts! So start thinking about questions to ask! Have questions about Monnos? Do you want to know if we will have any features in the future? Be sure to ask!

🚀 And Monnos will do a quick Airdrop during the AMA, information about Airdrop only on the date, so don’t miss the chance to accumulate MNS Tokens!



Monnos APP Store (IOS) : Download Monnos For IOS

Monnos Google Play (Android) : Download Monnos For Android

Website: Monnos WebSite

Monnos Community: Monnos Community website

Monnos Twitter: Monnos Twitter Page

Monnos Telegram: English Community Chat

Monnos Telegram For Turkish Users: Monnos Türkiye

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