DeFi Problems & Radix Presentation

DeFi Problems & Radix Presentation

By uygarpelin | CryptoNygma | 12 Oct 2020


Nowadays, the DeFi industry has gained a tremendous momentum, while new DeFi projects are released every day, they have accumulated different problems in the Ethereum network. In short, there are some barriers that DeFi has to overcome, after overcoming the barriers in front of it, it will find its own secret paradise.

Mainstream DeFi needs;

Fast, low-cost transactions.
Especially projects that appeal to high audience caused compression in the ethereum network. users were sentenced to pay gas fees at high costs. We paid $10 gas fee for a $100 purchase.

DeFi need Security.
In 2020, more than 30 million dollars of hack was detected. ( imBTC, bZx, ) This makes us question the reliability of the contracts created or reduces the trust in the platform.

Another case is Scalable, composable applications
The Hidden Power of DeFi is that it is a huge program that runs on a single computer.The Ethereum 2.0, Polkadot, Cosmos, Ava Labs, Algorand approach to sharding all break this power.

Composability cannot be compromised for DeFi to be successful!

Radix is the First Layer-1 Protocol for DeFi

What we see in many projects is focused solely on the solution to one problem. Radix provides solutions to multiple existing problems. It is not difficult to predict the impact these solutions will have.

It overcomes the barriers for DeFi to grow by providing solutions to problems layer by layer.

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The essence of what to say for Radix; It is the platform where transactions are fast, cheap and secure; where scale is unlimited and connections between applications frictionless; where dApps can be built quickly and with confidence.

In our next article, i will write for Radix technologies, I will be with you for each technology in the picture above.

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