*NEW* Plant a tree – get crypto coins (POS/POW)

By CN00b | CryptoNoob | 13 Jun 2019

Hi everyone,

Recently a new crypto project was released, a project with a rare target, comparative to the 90% of crypto projects: H.U.L.I. !

The coin sustain "the green"!




The initiative is great and the coin was already listed on CryptoHashTank , a masternode shared service.

The coin is currently listed on Epica Exchange with a price of 0.00001799 BTC at the time of writting this article, at Block 4511, and there are quite some pools available for mining.

Some Specs:


More info related to this project you can find on their ANN, or Discord channel ( listed on ANN): HULI Official Thread .

I have nothing to do with this project, no promotion or any marketing things, i only thought that the ideea is brilliant and deserves to be heard by others.

I hope this project will grow and will open many eyes, to go plant a tree - not for money - just for a better planet and air for the future generations.


Cheers and happy planting!



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