My Banano Folding Experience - 28.04.2021

By CN00b | CryptoNoob | 28 Apr 2021

Hello ppl,

In this article i want to write about my exp with Banano Folding.

I'm not a new one in this area, i start folding years ago, when Curecoin was on the first place.

I also folded banano in the Summer, when i let my pc on for 10 days and i earned 2000+Ban. ( 0.8$ value in Summer, 2020)


In the Summer, i used a Ryzen 3 1200 with 8Gb ddr4 and Rx 570 4Gb,no oc, ussual use. I got 100-170 Ban/day.

So, these days i remembered that i have a Kalium wallet and i had problems with the seed, wasn't working. After thousands of tries, i managed to recover my access to it: there was a missing letter in a word :)) Yeah, check 10 times when you save it.

So, i built a new pc last days and i think to test it on folding, again.

A normal pc, similar to the other one: I5-6400, 16 Gb DDR4 and RX 550.

I started folding on 25 April and today i received my first payment, for +200000 points: 32.42 Ban! :))

Well, that's quite a surpise! Close to 1$ for 3 days of "donating" hashpower.

When the prices will return to initial value, 33 Ban will value ... This is not Doge. Doge took 8 years to reach this value, and only because BTC went up.

 The point is that i don't want to get rich, i want to worth it!


Is it worth the time and electricity? Hell no! Only if you a have a PC forgotten somewhere in your house for a few years or a data center.

Some may say that you are donating for science, for meds, for protein folding, for anything else..

I started a new lifestyle 4 months ago, called DIALISYS( kidneys fail), and i got nothing for free! Except for the deducted fees from the state, where i paid taxes started 20 years ago when i start to work, nothing it's free. So, i donate my own blood 3 times/week for science and i get a purified one. Is it worth it? Hell ya!

The most interesting thing i noticed, is that the projects are halving the rewards when booms occurs and the prices are going up.

Same thing with the RollerCoin, i talked about it in the previous article.

The big question is: what will happen when the prices will go down again? :)

So, to fold or not to fold?


PS: I don't expect you to like this article, especially the BAN fans. But, this is the reality! Truth hurts, i know! See you after 2-3 years! :)






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