CryptoHashTank Masternode Shared Service - Hacked!! Again!!

By CN00b | CryptoNoob | 19 Jun 2019

Hi everyone,

In case that you don't know the latest news,  CryptoHashTank - the shared masternode service that i've wrote about last week, was HACKED, again!

So far. there are only rumors on the Discord channel about what coins disappeared but, the dev confirmed that the service was hacked and they are investigating.

Here's a small update from SPDR team, that has masternodes in CHT.


Official CHT statements:


I saw users talk about SAPP and ALOITH, maybe other coins. More you cand see yourself on their Discord channel.


Perhaps, they should hire a security specialist? 2 times in less than 1 year it's a serious problem.

I still have coins there, not too many bc i wd'ed some time ago, but i won't quit. The service is still good and maybe, some better security features will be added.

We'll wait and see what's the next move.

Until then,


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