Crypto Idle Miner - From my 6 months crypto game own experience

Crypto Idle Miner - From my 6 months crypto game own experience

By CN00b | CryptoNoob | 9 Sep 2019

Hi people,

In this article i wanna talk a little about "The best crypto game i've ever played".
Crypto Idle Miner is a crypto mobile game (ios/android and PC version planned) developed by Hora Games, where you build your own mining farm on 5 different algorithms, you can upgrade rigs, upgrade infrastructue, cooling, level up admins, get airdrops, and many many things and the most important fact, is that you EARN REAL CRYPTO.

Official trailer:

The payments are once per week, as there are weekly tournaments.
Their crypto coin is called HORA Token, trx 20 token(initially ERC20)
I've waited for this game quite a lot of time ( i wasn't in beta), and, in the first day ( in March) i played 14 hours :))
If you like the concept, it' ll become addictive. You'll level up fast or slow, depends on your strategy.
The value in USD of tokens that i earned in this game, is about 40$. Now i don't play so often, 1-2 hours per day, collect idle cash, make some upgrades and still earn 1$/week.

Screenshot from in game:

351665157-b1d4fbd80b607c1f16b3eef3333346ba4c63e97fae35a5909e90c2811cc9c170.jpeg   351665157-97ecc32e0a2b4e827ee0d2fffb90f0a2b5c7e3d66ad74817fb6b1d9c842feb01.jpeg
In my opinion, the marketing failed with the crypto algo, the price went down quite fast. Perhaps, a stakable coin would sent Hora on moon long time ago. Maybe they'll make this move, who knows?
All i can say, is this is the best crypto game i've ever played on my mobile. The graphics and animations are awesome. The studio is somewhere in Ireland, all the details are on their official site.
They also have a Discord channel, where you can talk straight with the team members and issues are fast fixed.

This is my refferal link, if you wanna support my work:

If you need help or an advice, just drop a question.

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