YOUengine - The Leading Decentralized, Tokenized Advertising Blockchain to Pay Crypto For Every Ad You Watch

By Shehara | Cryptonology | 7 May 2020

What is Youengine?

Advertisers centred platform that is introduced to millions of advertising community where connects billions of customers to get connected with the community to pay them for watching ads. Advertising is the mechanism that worldwide business and news promoting agencies are widely used to spread their contents. Most of the time, only the advertisers get his share but it is a real doubt that those who watch, get his share. Social platforms that run through ads earn millions of dollars. As an influencer, viewers should have a right to claim what is his. Due to this reason, YOUengine has come up with a solution to make satisfied not only the advertisers but also views as well. Moreover, bigger companies get a large amount of money for your personal data, For example, your email has a lot of value for you but if any advertiser has it, he can use it for advertising further.

Advertising History

Day to day, digital ad spending volumes have increased in millions in the last few years and more to come in the next 20 years too. From 1999 to 2016, it was recorded as a rapid increase but from 2015 to 2021 it has been increasing gradually not faster than it was earlier. It is a good indication that more will be spent on advertising for another 20-30 years. That's why advertising is so crucial and Youengine brings solutions to current issues.


What are the issues in advertising platforms?

  • Waste

Waste is a key problem as for the reports "56% off-target ad spending". no matter how you spend on ads, the target crowd may not watch them. Uneffnicy sites have no value on the ads because interest demand for those ads may low. Finding the target market is more efficient in this case.

  • Security

Security is the risk in those ads. Most of the time, most people lost their person at through ads It was reported that typical advertising platforms breach 267M FB users’ data leak.

  • Boarders

Due to the availability of 180 multi-currencies, border transaction is extremely low and it needs to speed up.

How YOUengine come up with solutions?

  • No waste

Youengine arranges the advertising crowd using "Real-time targeting, thereby, high Rate of Investment (ROI) is achieved.

  • Decentralization

All the communities are connected together by using mobile apps through only smartphones. that app has the facility to protect your data.

  • Blockchain

Introducing cheap and fast cross border transactions are achieved by implementing blockchain technology to increased transactions and upgrading advertising capabilities as well.

In fact, this is a win-win situation for both advertiser and the user as well. Users are now able to get themselves paid in YOUC tokens for the personal data they provide and for every ad they watch. and also, advertisers have to make sure that they deposit YOUC tokens for ads they post in the community over 4 billion users globally at the best ROI.


It is a decentralised app that brings the entire advertising community into the same network with different features. Users can earn money for ads they watch. YOUapp has valuable features such as YOUwatch, YOUsocial, YOUwallet and YOUgo as well. here is the YOUwatch feature in the app and it is more like a tokenized video player where you watch ads and make money. When the user watches an ad, he gets instant YOUC tokens and he can convert it to fiat currencies through YOUwallet. In the app, it provides the facility to see how much you earn seeing ads on the pop-up menu. 



YOUapp is a comprehensive technology that brings everything in advertising campaigns connect to a single network by attracting more users and enabling advertisers to post their ads while users watch them. Why would we watch Ads for nothing while leaving our personal data at risk? YOUengine provides blockchain solutions for advertising purposes for the own good of both advertisers and users as well. In essence, earned YOUtokens can be exchanged for Tokpie or fiat currencies as well.

Being listed in LATOEKN makes a huge impact on YOUengine project. This project is successfully proceeding with a lot of investors at now. the main focus of this project is to attract advertisers all around the world to promote their businesses. YOUengine has the capacity of attracting 4 billion customer base for the advertisers as well.


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