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The Big Lie and why you shouldn’t believe it

By CryptoNinjaco | Blog | 28 Oct 2021

If you haven’t read my article on why OJ is innocent and it doesn’t matter if you think he is guilty, I’ll sum that up here- You need to acknowledge that there are people who are directly involved with things (like the jurors at the OJ trial) that are better informed about that thing than you are, and your opinion has no bearing on anything and has zero value. It changes nothing. Now, does the fact that millions of people that have nothing to do with it think OJ is guilty matter? Sure. But only to an extent. Might OJ actually be guilty? Sure, but that’s not the point. You do not have any special information. It’s arrogant for you to believe you have a better understanding of the situation.

So, with that we lead to the “Big Lie”. The first thing you need to understand is that there were over 60 court cases that showed no fraud. You’ve got lawyers, judges and election officials, many of them Republican, that all say it was a free and fair election. These are people that have direct, first-hand knowledge of the election system and how it works. You should believe them simply because they are better informed than you. "But I saw the numbers go backwards on live TV!” Look, that is not an official count. The graphics person at CNN isn’t “in on it”. That’s crazy. It doesn’t matter what the graphic said on CNN, what matters is the actual true count. "But dead people voted.” The only case I have heard was a guy who voted for his dead mother, and he was caught. He also voted for Trump. This is a good example of how you can use a fact, which really doesn’t help prove your case at all, in a way that might mislead someone into believing something that is untrue. Dead people voted = Biden cheated.

I monitor a couple right wing podcasts and there’s a group of people that believe treason was committed and people need to be arrested and some of them should be executed. They don’t think a trial is even necessary, they want public executions. This is really scary. Now, imagine you go to a party. The next day the owner of the house files a police report that $10,000 in cash was stolen from his house. He makes an insurance claim on the missing money. He knows you have $10k in cash because you won it off him in a poker game that night. Now, he can tell the police factual things, like that you were at his house. That there was some period of time where you were not both in the same room. Even that he saw you with $10,000 in cash. Now, if he’s pulling a scam none of this is likely to hold up in court and his insurance will not pay, but he could continue trying to convince people you stole it. He could hire a private investigator, make up blatant lies or semi-truths that make you look guilty when you aren’t. Now imagine people start saying things like, “We used to cut people’s hands off for stealing.” and now you have a large group of people who want to physically harm you based on a lie. It’s pretty clear why you were targeted and what really happened when you look at all the facts but if this was a powerful and influential person you could be in real trouble. Just imagine that for a second. Imagine how you would feel. A lot of Americans are feeling that way right now. We’re a little bit scared, we’re angry and we’re frustrated.

Now, you would be correct that there are people who were directly involved with the election that say it was rigged, like Arizona State Senate Chairperson Kelli Ward. Never mind that she had previously believed conspiracy theories like chemtrails, it’s pretty clear where her loyalties lie. I don’t know if she is consciously aware that she is spreading lies but that is currently the GOPs main goal. They want to weaponize their voters. They want chaos. They want to point at how bad things are and blame Biden. They want to continue to push the narrative that the election was stolen from them. Stolen from YOU! They want you to reject democracy, because let me be clear, 81 million Americans, the most ever, really did vote for Joe Biden. Personally, I was not a Biden fan and I think he was the wrong candidate and I think more than people were voting FOR Joe Biden they were voting AGAINST Donald Trump. Don’t forget he lost the popular vote in 2016. He had the worst approval numbers of any President in history. He was impeached. Look, I realize that you might live in an all white community where everyone at your church voted for Trump. A lot of people also voted for Trump, but the will of the people was to end his presidency. We, the people, voted for Joe Biden. That’s just a plain and simple fact. If you want to continue to refer to yourself as a “patriot” you better stop threatening other Americans based on your belief in lies.

I don’t believe this brief writing is going to instantly change anyone’s mind, but hopefully it leads to you attempting to be more objective in life. Hopefully you will come to see that the majority of the GOP is creating a false narrative in order to manipulate people. They are actively trying to dismantle democracy and instal an authoritarian regime. If you want this country to be a good place for people of all kinds to live in, this country needs to be a good place for people of all kinds to live in.

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