A lesson from my father that changed how I see the world - OJ was innocent
OJ Simpson and his lawyers react to the not guilty verdict.

A lesson from my father that changed how I see the world - OJ was innocent

By CryptoNinjaco | CryptoNinja.co Blog | 19 Jun 2020

My father is a retired law professor. He is white and grew up in Indiana. Many years ago, after the OJ Simpson not guilty verdict, I called him up and said I thought they got it wrong and he was guilty. You see I was of the opinion then, as I am today, that justice is for sale in America. Anybody without the money to hire an amazing team of lawyers would have lost. My father’s response shocked me. I am paraphrasing but it was something like this:

”He’s innocent. Period. And frankly, your opinion has no value. Did you sit through every second of that trial like those 12 jurors did? No. Are you privy to some special information nobody else has? No.”

To which I responded, “So you don’t think he killed those people?” and he said, “It also doesn’t matter what I think, but I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t think there’s any doubt that cop Fuhrman is a racist.”

I came away from the conversation angry, but it stuck with me. And the more I thought about it, I realized he was right. My opinion had no value, and it was incredibly arrogant of me to think I knew better than those jurors. I didn’t spend one second in that courtroom. I learned, after awhile, to trust in others more and to ignore my ego at times. Eventually, I started seeing other people do this exact same thing, get all worked up over something where their opinion has zero value.

Sometimes, like when your doctor tells you to get a flu shot, you should just trust that the person with more information than you is correct. Other times, for instance, say you think your favorite football team should sign a specific player, your opinion has zero value. You don’t know more than the people actually making the decisions, and if you did know what they know, you might change your mind.

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