Tutorial: How to claim free $HEX with Ledger Nano?

Tutorial: How to claim free $HEX with Ledger Nano?

By Mr. Sloth | CryptoNews2019 | 1 Dec 2019

If you held some btc on the 2nd of December 2019 you can still claim your free hex token. 

What is HEX?

HEX is an ERC20 token on the Ethereumnetwork issued by Richard Heart. He claims to build a new cryptocurrency but basically it is just an smartcontract running on Ethereum. In a few hours all bitcoin hodler receive an airdrop for their btc. The ratio is 10K HEX per BTC. To participate you need to sign your BTC address after the snapshot (December 1st 7:00 PM EST). To do this you need three things: Your ledger with any BTC amount. Electrum, it´s an bitcoin wallet which can sign addresses (ledgerlive cant sign) and MetaMask, for interacting with the smartcontract. You do this at your own risk.



First create a ETH Adress with MetaMask, you need this address to receive your HEX and to interact with the HEX smartcontract. MetaMask is a browserextention, for chrome, firefox and Brave. You find it here:


Here is a brief tutorial how to create a new Etherwallet or you can import your private keys as well:


At the end of the process your metamask extention should something like this:


You should copy your ETH adress to clipboard or save it elsewhere, because you need it to sign your BTC adress. 



Download and install the Electrum wallet from this location: https://electrum.org/#download (choose your operating system and check the signature if you wear a tinfoilhat). Open Electrum.



1. Create a new wallet, i named it nanos. -> Next


2. Choose standard wallet.


3. Now connect your ledger and fire up the BTC app.

At the Keystore screen select "Use a hardware device".


4. Well, you guessed it... hit "Next.


5. Choose the right derivation path, in my case its p2sh-segwit. You can simply trial and error, If your balance doesn't show up, you choose the wrong derivation path.


6. Choose "Encrypt wallet file" and you are done.


7. The last step is to finally sign your btc adress with the message:


So if your ETH Adress from MetaMask is 0x215c85455f96027a02f56dEd3916B2F7049CC5e4, you signature must be:


Address: This is your btc adress

Now click "Sign" and copy your signature into your clipboard and paste it on the hexwebsite.

You can find a brief tutorial without the ledger part on youtube:

I would recommend to signing your btc adress after the snapshot, you can find the claim tool under the url: go.hex.win/claim

And one import point: You need some ETH in your MetaMask wallet to cover the GAS fees for interacting with the smartcontract (staking, claiming).

If you want to get 10% more HEX i would appreciate if you use my reflink:







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