Will he recover his lost 4.5 million Dollars of bitcoin?

Will he recover his lost 4.5 million Dollars of bitcoin?

By CryptoNews101 | CryptoNews101 | 13 Jun 2020


A Reddit user would be on the verge of getting their hands on a gem of 533 bitcoins, estimated at 4.5 million Dollars?

Known under the pseudonym “Shotukan”, this regular on the Bitcoin forums and on the Reddit platform unfortunately experienced a tragic event. This is the loss of his brother last August.

After mourning the loss of this loved one, he remembers giving him one of his computers, not just any. In fact, it contains the modest sum of 533 bitcoins, or almost 4.5 million Dollars.

Rushing into the deceased's room, he finds the famous computer, the photo of which he shared on his reddit post.

L'ordinateur du défunt en question

The deceased's computer

Major problem: the hard drive has disappeared.

Shotukan therefore sees himself cut off from his brother and the promised fortune, which he had acquired for a fraction of dollars during 2010.

These 533 bitcoins represent the equivalent of 4,571,302 dollars today. They would have been worth the sum of 9 million dollars during the end of 2017 and the historic bull run of Bitcoin.

Shotukan does not give up:

”I am looking through his storage boxes, but he was very handy. He liked removing the parts from his computer and seeing how they worked from the inside. I'm combing the family cupboards. “

However, his quest does not promise to be easy:

"He was so messy that I'm afraid his hard drive would just be gone. “

If his verdict turns out to be correct, the 533 bitcoins in question would be added to the 1.6 million BTC considered to be lost forever.

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