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Ethereum 2.0: Prysmatic Labs launches Onyx, a complete testnet

By CryptoNews101 | CryptoNews101 | 13 Jun 2020


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Version 2 of the Ethereum network is eagerly awaited by the community! Pending its deployment, planned for the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021, the testnets follow one another. The latest, Onyx, is developed by Prysmatic Labs. It is a true copy of the future mainnet.

Ethereum 2.0 testnets follow one another

If you follow closely the news related to Ethereum and its upcoming updates, it is impossible to have missed the information relating to Ethereum 2.0 testnets.

To begin, in April, Prysmatic Labs deployed Topaz. Topaz encompasses all of the specifications for Phase 2 of Eth2, including the change of consensus towards the Proof of Stake.

A fortnight later, it was Afri Schoeden's turn to announce the launch of the Schlesi testnet. Topaz mainly allows to test the proof of stake. Schlesi, meanwhile, tests the interactions between different Ethereum client software (Prysm, Geth, Parity, etc.).

The multi-client is a fundamental point for launching the transition to Ethereum 2.0. As developer Justin Drake explained: "Phase 0 will not be started until at least 3 main customers are operational on Ethereum 2.0. "

The new kid: Onyx

Prysmatic Labs has not said its last word following the success of Topaz. Less than two months after its launch, the company developing Prysm announces the launch of a new testnet called Onyx.



And this new version brings a lot of modifications. Among them, the addition of the latest redesigns (version 0.12.1) relating to the specifications of phase 0. This is the transition period to Ethereum 2.0.

Also, in the same spirit as the Schlesi, Onyx aims to make its testnet multi-client.

“We aim to make the Onnet testnet compatible with the multi-client. We have made extra efforts to avoid consensus bugs in this new version. Once the other teams are fully up to date with v0.12.1, we expect there will be a significant number of nodes on the Onyx testnet from different eth2 teams, "said the announcement.

In its roadmap, Prysmatic Labs envisages a last version of its testnet before the deployment of phase 0 on the mainnet. In the meantime, the Onyx network will be deployed this Wednesday.

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