Wixi Exchange. Trade the cryptocurrency market without losing your deposit? Are futures profitable now? How I didn't lose $1000 but got a margin call.

Is it possible to trade without worrying about losing your capital? Are futures profitable now? Today I would like to talk to you about the deposit drain, or rather how to avoid it.

Today I would like to talk to you about losing money while trading and how to avoid it.

Maybe one day it will save your profits and maybe even your entire deposit, as it happened to me. I recently learned that there are tools that allow you to insure your open trades on any stock exchange by reading this article. I trusted the resource and saw a great analysis of the project and a high rating and decided to try the product myself.


For example, if you are a fan of opening positions with high leverage or you are unsure about a trade, this tool is definitely for you. I read various articles and reviews and decided to test it. The result: I opened a trade unsuccessfully, but thanks to the insurance I saved my own $1000 that I could have lost.

How it happened

1) Last week I bought $1000 worth of BTC with 20x leverage and just in case I decided to insure the position immediately even though I was sure that the price would go up immediately as a true hamster wanted to test the methodology. 

So $20,000 was in play.  If the price went up by 10% I would take x3 or $2000 on top.  It was a very risky trade.


Everyone was screaming that bitcoin will go to 44 and then to 48 and that there will be a pullback after that, so I foolishly opened a long with a leverage of x20. For the test I bought insurance for only 1 day (you can also choose 7 and 30 days). Taking into account the duration of the insurance, the purchase volume and the market volatility, I only paid about $250.

This is one of my losing trades, I'm taking it apart, about 80% profitability of the trades. 

I was expecting to go up, but at that moment BTC dropped 5% (from 37k to 35k) and I was one step away from a margin call as my deposit was almost zero. 

That's what happened. The deal closed by itself, I lost my entire deposit of $1000, but this is where I was saved by the fact that I insured the purchase, because the exchange covered my loss completely and credited my account with $1000.

As a result, I spent only $250 of my entire deposit to buy insurance, but saved $1000 that I could have lost on a position that was not opened in time. 

After testing the insurance on other positions, I realised that it would be useful for all traders to know about it. You can trade with high leverage and not be afraid of losing all your capital in a moment. Below are screenshots of my open trades.

Below is another example of my trades. The signal did not work on ETH either


And instead of losing money, I saved it. 

I'll explain what happened:

I have entered a long position on ether with a leverage of x10. This means the balance is 1000$ with a leverage of 10000$.

When ETH fell to 1928$, I was at a minus of 819$, I closed the position and got 180$ back on my balance. As a good thing I decided to open insurance and as a result:

- I paid $331 for the insurance and received a payout of $419. 

Bottom line: I didn't anticipate the market movement. I would have lost $819 but saved $400 thanks to the insurance.

As a result, the ether on that trade went up, I did not close the position, and I made $400 on the insurance - the cost of the insurance for the week was 300, and the ether position is now minus 280 - it is still a profit on the trade.

The tool works on all exchanges through a single terminal, Wixi.Exchange. Another advantage is that you can insure trades both on the spot and in the margin terminal.

A very important point is that we recommend you to open insurance for those trades in which you are not sure, calculate the risks and then you will get a very profitable tool.  If you are a luddite like me, it is an economy and not such a big disadvantage. 

I gave an example of minus trades above, and they do happen, and only insurance will save you from them.

Why has the stock exchange made such a tool? Will it be in the minus?

Not always, there are enough luddites and not always insurance cases. (Sounds like we work on the principle of hull insurance - saw the total number of insurances) But I remember that the exchange Bybit introduced such a tool and slightly minus and closed. So if you can calculate risks, this tool is definitely for you. 

And as I understand, this is their way to attract an audience, in the long run they will win if traders trade with them.  Everything is mathematically calculated.

I will not write a review about the exchange, read this article in detail: https://captainaltcoin.com/wixi-exchange-review/

I will leave my referral link if you want to test it. 

Oh yes, I heard that the project will do retrodrop, nowadays a popular word, and the use of insurance, so I advise you to test the tool. The company has received investments of several million dollars just for this tool, and there are big people behind it. 

So, the topic is interesting, but remember that you will be in the plus first by using this tool.

Wixi Exchange Website: https://wixi.exchange/en/ 

Original text: https://vc.ru/u/1008961-bitcoin-bard/924410-wixi-exchange-chestno-o-birzhe-torgovlya-bez-sliva-depozita-kak-ya-ne-poteryal-1000-no-poluchil-margin-call 


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