What does it take to get to the moon? | Simplified guide for crypto babies/newbies

Isn't It Altcoin Season Yet?

11 Apr 2021 3 minute read 2 comments cryptonaut007

In the cryptocurrency world, there’s the coin that rules them all — Bitcoin. And then there are the alternative coins, or what we call “altcoins.” Out of all the altcoins in the market, ETH reigns supreme. It’s no wonder that its value is currently o...

To the Moon… and Beyond! (A SnapBots Chart Pattern Bots Review)

9 Apr 2021 3 minute read 0 comments cryptonaut007

It doesn’t matter whether you’re old or new, as long as you’ve gazed into the abyss of the crypto space, you probably have encountered the phrase “to the moon.” So what does that phrase actually mean? According to the Binance Academy, the phrase “to...

Staking Made Easy: SnapBots Review

9 Apr 2021 1 minute read 0 comments cryptonaut007

With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, people have been throwing themselves into trading and blockchain crash courses, signing up to cryptocurrency exchanges and buying cryptocurrency coins with little to no research. While trading can be a profitab...