TOP 5 Coins and Tokens That Have Ever Launched On Binance Launchpad

TOP 5 Coins & Tokens Ever Launched On Binance Launchpad

If you have been in the cryptocurrency space for some time, you are likely aware that Binance Launchpad presales offer a great opportunity to make a quick profit.

Let's take a look at the Top 5 projects ever launched on Binance Launchpad.


What is Binance Launchpad?

Binance Launchpad is a token presale platform on Binance that helps blockchain startups raise funds. In the past, all projects launched on Binance Launchpad have been highly profitable for investors. You don't have to hodl your assets forever to make a profit. You can sell them immediately after spot trading opens and still make a decent profit.

Let me give you just one example. The public token sale price for Poly gon in April 2019 had been one $MATIC = $0.00263. Today $MATIC is traded at around $0.93!

The TOP 5 coins and tokens that have ever launched on Binance Launchpad are according to data from CoinGecko: Polygon $MATIC, Injective Protocol $INJ, MultiversX $EGLD, The Sandbox $SAND, and Axie Infinity $AXS.

You might have already guessed it. If you want to participate in a Binance Launchpad Presale, you must have a fully KYC-verified Binance account.

Have you registered on Binance yet? If not, I can provide you with a referral link (code E3PGAJCE) to sign up and save on trading fees with every trade you make.

TOP 5 Coins & Tokens That Have Ever Launched On Binance Launchpad


1. Polygon $MATIC

The most successful project launched on Binance Launchpad is Polygon, currently ranked #12 by market cap. Polygon which started as MATIC Network is "the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development."

Congratulations if you bought some $MATIC for $0.00263 on Binance Launchpad four years ago and still holding. $MATIC is currently being traded at around $0.93. The all-time high had been $2.58 on 27th December 2021.

Project Website:


2. Injective $INJ

I remember that Injective Protocol once did an unofficial writing competition here on Publish0x. It is the second most popular project ever launched on Binance Launchpad by market cap. 

The Injective Protocol is a blockchain built for decentralized finance, including spot and derivatives exchanges, prediction markets, and lending protocols.

The token presale price for one $INJ on Binance Launchpad had been $0.40, today it's being traded at around $16.

Project Website:


3. MultiversX $EGLD

Next up is MultiversX, a Metaverse project formerly known as Elrond. It has its own native token called $EGLD and It is currently located on the market cap rank #50.

Binance Launchpad had been issuing the tokens via a lottery system back in the day. I couldn't find the exact presale price. If you have this information, please leave a comment.

Project Website:


4. The Sandbox $SAND

Among the TOP 5 coins and tokens ever launched on Binance LÖaunchpad is also The Sandbox. The token $SAND is currently located on market cap rank #55.

The Sandbox is a virtual world owned by the community, where creators can host custom games and events. You had been able to acquire $SAND for $0.008333 at the Binance Launchpad Presale, currently trading at around $0.45. 

Project Website:


5. Axie Infinity $AXS

Finally, there is also Axie Infinity with its native token $AXS, currently located on market cap rank #61. It is one of the first digital games on the market that fuses NFT collectibles and blockchain.

The presale price of $AXS on the Binance Launchpad was $0.12 per token. Today it is trading at around $6.30. 

Project Website:


My Final Conclusion

So far, I have participated in every token presale on the Binance Launchpad for some years now and so far, it has always been worth it. 

If you are for some crazy reason not registered on Binance yet, you can use my referral link with the invitation code E3PGAJCE for signing up. Using it saves trading fees for each Binance trade, a win-win.

I hope my post provides valuable information, but it doesn't replace your own research. Although I may appear knowledgeable in my profile picture, I am not your financial advisor. Please do not consider my article as financial advice.

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