How to get Ampleforth listed on Coinbase and Binance? wAMPL is the solution 🤓
Ampleforth wampl on Coinbase and Binance

How to get Ampleforth listed on Coinbase and Binance? wAMPL is the solution 🤓

Do you remember the launch of FORTH, the governance token of Ampleforth? It was instantly listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges including the big players like Coinbase and Binance.

So, the governance token was instantly listed on Coinbase and Binance but not AMPL itself. The reason for this circumstance is that they simply can not handle the rebase. I don't understand why KuCoin can handle it but not Coinbase and Binance but this is exactly the reason.

Right now there is not much information out there but I'm sure there will be more guides from the team when it launches. The information that I am sharing with you is based on what I could gather from the Ampleforth Telegram Group.

The solution is wAMPL.

wAMPL will be an easier way for exchanges to list AMPL without the rebase.

wAMPL is basically AMPL but it doesn't rebase. It is linked directly to the market capitalization. It will have a fixed supply of 10 million tokens.

This means that it will fluctuate in price and it will not try to get back to $1 through daily rebases.

AMPL rebase party

Let me try to explain it deeper and if you understand this, you can consider yourself an intelligent person. 

Here is the example:

1. wAMPL = One AMPL at $1 

2. A positive rebase of 5% happens and the price of AMPL goes back to $1.

3. The price of one wAMPL is now $1.05 (5% more) and it can be redeemed for 1.05 AMPL.

4. You still just own one wAMPL but at a higher market price that does not try to get back to $1.

This technicality is a huge game-changer for exchanges because exchanges don't have to worry about rebased amounts anymore or support tickets from degen traders who don't understand rebase. wAMPL is a container for X amount of AMPL.

You do not have to convert your AMPL tokens into wAMPL when you want to send them to an exchange that trades only wAMPL.


So, this post may have been short but the news is even bigger. wAMPL will be a real game-changer. I know it and now, you know it, too.

I hope that this information is somehow valuable and helpful to you.

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