$ETHFI On Binance Launchpool - Sell Or HODL?

$ETHFI On Binance Launchpool - Sell Or HODL?

This is how I prefer it. The old $AEVO Launchpool recently concluded, and a new Launchpool has already been revealed. 

Let's check out Ether.Fi, the latest project to launch its token on Binance Launchpool, and if it is a good long-time investment. 

What is Ether.Fi?

Ether.Fi is one of the few projects I was already familiar with before its debut on Binance Launchpad. On the 9th of April 2023, I published the article"If You Missed The $ARB, $APT, or $UNI Airdrop, Then Here Are Your Next TOP 3 Opportunities".

In this post, I presented Ether.Fi is one of the TOP opportunities to catch the next big airdrop besides the projects Taiko and Linea. If you would have participated in staking on Ether.Fi after reading my article a year ago then your chances are high that you may receive free tokens by the launch of the token.

Ether.Fi is comparable to Lido Finance. It is a decentralized, non-custodial delegated staking protocol. The specialty of Ether.Fi is that stakers control their keys.

Screenshot $ETHFI

Sell Or HODL?

The most important question as always is if it is a project that is worth a long-term investment. First of all farming new tokens on Binance Launchpool. is always worth it, no matter if you sell them right away after the start of spot trading or if you hodl them for the long term.

Ethereum staking was a hot topic a year ago, but it's not so popular anymore. Ether.Fi launched its product during the peak of the Ethereum staking hype, and the recent listing on Binance is likely the biggest news the project will ever have.

As with many other airdropped tokens, it will probably have its best performance in the first two weeks after launch. I will sell my $ETHFI tokens as soon as spot trading opens on Binance. 


My Final Conclusion

Now you know what I am doing with my $ETHFI tokens but what do you think about the new tokens that can be farmed on Binance Launchpool? Are you going to farm $ETHFI and do you think it is a long-term investment or will you also sell them right away? 

If you can not farm tokens on Binance Launchpool because you have not yet registered on Binance then please consider using my referral link with the invitation code E3PGAJCE to sign up. Using it saves you trading fees for each trade on Binance, a classical win-win situation.

I hope my post provides valuable information, but it should not replace your #DYOR. Please keep in mind that while I may look knowledgeable in my profile picture, I am not a licensed financial advisor.

Thank you for reading! If you enjoy this type of content, follow me here on Publish0x for more. You can also follow me on Twitter/X and Medium.

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