CakeDefi - One Of The Best Decisions I Made In 2020! 😎

On the 24th of December 2020, I published a post with the title Get Your Slice Of CakeDeFi Before It´s Too Late! 🍰, recommending you to join CakeDeFi to get $30 in $DFI tokens for free. At the same time, a guy called AlucardLife told you on Publish0x that CakeDeFi would be a scam and that you should stay away. Now, let´s see what has happened over the last five months.

In the beginning, there was no minimum deposit in order to receive the sign-up bonus from CakeDeFi. I decided to deposit a small amount of $50 in Ethereum and the sign-up bonus of $30 in $DFI tokens was directly credited to my account. One $DFI token was worth around 80 cents back in December 2020 and now one $DFI token is worth more than $4! According to my math, my initial sign-up bonus is worth $150 right now plus all the staking rewards that come on top.


The sign-up bonus was automatically put into the CakeDeFi freezer for six months and since then I am constantly receiving staking rewards. Right now, I am receiving around 0.9 $DFI tokens two times a day! That´s currently around $7.50 every day and these rewards are compounding themselves.

In the beginning, the staking rewards were at a 37% APY. Right now the staking APY is 95.6%!

So, I deposited $50 in Ethereum, I received my initial sign-up bonus of $30, and additionally, I referred more than 250 active users to CakeDeFi. Now together with the price pump since the beginning of the year, my CakeDeFi account shows a value of around $4,500! I turned $50 into $4500 with CakeDeFi. It was by far one of the best decisions that I´ve made last year.


I am using three different CakeDeFi services. I have some $DFI tokens in the freezer. I am staking and I lending (formerly Lapis services) with guaranteed returns and a potential bonus. This is where I have put my cryptos to work. 


The Base APY in Lending is guaranteed and additionally, you can get bonus returns when the price of the native coin goes up during a batch. Another service that CakeDeFi offers is Liquidity Mining. CakeDeFi makes Liquidity Mining much easier with shared liquidity mining pools.

Now, I am coming back to AlucardLife. Anyone, who has listened to the advice of this guy has missed out on this great opportunity. Yes, it´s the same guy who told us that BurgerSwap is a scam and now you can trade it on Binance. This guy really sees scams everywhere which I perceive as a kind of schizophrenic.


Let me ensure you once again that I review every single project very carefully before I recommend it in one of my posts. I have more than 4,000 followers on Publish0x and I am thankful that so many of you love to read my posts. I promise you that I will do my best to recommend you the hot stuff. In the end, I have a reputation to lose. I am only recommending you projects that I am personally believing in. There are many airdrops with referral programs that I am not recommending you because in most cases, I review them as shitty and worthless.

If you missed out in December, here is the good news: You still can get a bonus of $30 in $DFI when you register on CakeDeFi´s website and fully verify your account. After you made your first deposit and you will receive a bonus of $20 worth of $DFI. The minimum deposit to receive your bonus is j$50 in any supported cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Dash. If you use a referral code for signing up, you and your referrer will receive an extra $10 worth of $DFI. This makes a bonus of $30 in $DFI in total.

Please note, that this bonus will be locked up and staked for 180 days. The good news is that the locked-up bonus automatically yields high staking returns during this time. These staking rewards will be added on top of the bonus and can be withdrawn after the lock-up period has ended.  


My Final Words

I review every project very carefully before I highlight it with an article on Publish0x and CakeDefi was one of my best decisions that I made last year. Last year, some readers from AlucardLife left comments under my post screaming Scam, which was pretty annoying. Then AlucardLife even dissed me with one of his FUD quickles.

Now, as time has passed and looking back at my investment on CakeDefi, I am more than satisfied. 😉

At the end of my post, I also like to remind you that my intention in this post is to raise your awareness of the potential of CakeDeFi and my intention is not to replace your own research. However, when you do your own research, then don´t do it with the help of AlucardLife.  😁

I hope I could provide you with some interesting and useful information about shitposters on Publish0x and about CakeDeFi

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