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AI Tokens Are Springing Up Like Mushrooms

AI Tokens Are Springing Up Like Mushrooms

AI coins and tokens are overhyped right now similar to Metaverse tokens last year when Facebook announced its rebranding to Meta. One year later, all this metaverse hype from 2022 has gone down the rabbit hole. 

Since ChatGPT got popular, AI and big data tokens are springing up like mushrooms. Is it just a short hype or will it last for longer?


Top AI & Big Data Tokens

At least when you check the newest list of Top AI and Big Data Tokens on CoinMarketCap, you get the impression that all of the sudden there are hundreds of them.


If you look closer at the list, you quickly notice that most of these projects like “The Graph” or “Presearch” are already around for quite some time. The only thing that has changed is the new label as AI & Big Data token.


ChatGPT Is Not Intelligent

Does ChatGPT wake up in the morning like you to ask itself what to do today? No, it does not. ChatGPT can’t ask itself these types of questions. That would be a sign of real intelligence.

ChatGPT is basically just another form of Google. It searches the internet for information. If you call this intelligent then Siri is also intelligent. 

While Google is linking to the results, ChatGPD is copying and pasting the results and presenting them in a kind of chat. That’s basically the only difference but it has nothing to do with intelligence as we know it from humans or animals. It is just a piece of software, a bot made for chatting. It is a good piece of software, true, but also not more. 


Trends Come And Go

Crypto Twitter is permanently hunting for the next big hype while having the memory of a dried-out peach. Trends like the Metaverse or AI projects are plopping up as quickly as they blow up.

If everyone tries to jump on the AI hype train then the next list of Top AI and Big Data Tokens by Market Capitalization will look like this.



My Final Conclusion

Of course, these are just my two Gwei for the day and I am also interested in your opinion. 

What do you think about the current flood of AI and Big Data tokens? Are they the big thing of 2023 or will they vanish into hot air like the Metaverse hype from last year?

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