The Walk To Earn Hype And The Rediscovery Of Sweatcoin

The Walk To Earn Hype And The Rediscovery Of Sweatcoin

Recently, there is a hype around so-called move-to-earn or walk-to-earn apps. This hype made me rediscover an app called Sweatcoin that I used two years ago at the beginning of 2020. Sweatcoin is finally getting hot as it is launching its own token with the ticker $SWEAT this summer.


I guess that the hype around walk-to-earn apps started with the launch of STEPN $GMT on the Binance Launchpad in March 2022. STEPN is a Move-to-Earn mobile NFT game where you will earn Green Satoshi Tokens tokens for walking.

launch of STEPN $GMT on the Binance Launchpad in March 2022

STEPN is currently located on market cap rank #59 and it is traded at around $2.50. I think that's a lot for a walk-to-earn cryptocurrency and it shows that there is a big potential for these kinds of coins and tokens.

Besides STEPN, there are already a couple of different move-2-earn apps on the market like Dotmoov, PUML, OliveX, or Genopets. 

I remembered that I used such a move-to-earn app called Sweatcoin myself back at the beginning of 2020. At one point, I decided to delete the app after some weeks of use because I thought that the collected Sweat points are somehow worthless and that this has absolutely nothing to do with a proper cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, times have changed and move-to-earn has become a popular phenomenon in the cryptocurrency space. Now with the ongoing hype, I decided to reinstall Sweatcoin, and luckily I could gain access to my old account and my Sweat points that I have earned two years ago are still there.

Sweatcoin walk to earn

The Sweatcoin app is already around since 2016 but so far only with an internal marketplace where you can exchange your collected Sweatcoin "points" for goods and services. This is finally going to change.

Recently, Sweatcoin announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency. Then you will be able to convert your daily steps directly into crypto that can be traded on exchanges for Bitcoin or USDT.

Sweatcoins $SWEAT

Sweatcoins with the ticker $SWEAT can be already earned in the Sweatcoin App. The token shall finally launch this summer and Sweatcoin states on their website that

"The Token Generation Event can be the largest crypto distribution in history."

As you can see, the widget for SweatCoin is already prepared on CoinGecko.

The SweatCoin app is available in many different countries and new countries are constantly added to the list. In a bunch of countries, SweatCoin is even the number one app in the Apple and Google Play store.

Simply download the Sweatcoin app and sign up with your email address. On the Sweatcoin marketplace, you can select Crypto and create the wallet for your Sweatcoins.

Sweatcoin step by step


My Final Words

I hope that I could provide you with some interesting and useful information about move-to-earn games. I have no idea how much the  $SWEAT tokens that you can earn when you sign up for Sweatcoin will be actually worth. However, I am already excited to see how much my $SWEAT that I earned from walking is worth when trading starts this summer.

I am also wondering how long this hype around Move2Earn games will last. What do you think? It would be awesome if you could leave a comment.

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