CoinGecko Has Launched A Learn & Earn Program

CoinGecko Has Launched A Learn & Earn Program

Recently, I published an article about theTOP 5 Learn & Earn Cryptocurrency Programs. These five Learn & Earn programs were basically all I knew. Now CoinGecko has launched its own Learn & Earn program. You can get rewards and CoinGecko candies for learning about cryptocurrencies.

I am frequently visiting CoinGecko because I am using the portfolio manager from CoinGecko. Today, I noticed a new tab "learn & earn". It hasn't been officially announced yet but CoinGecko is launching its own learn and earn program

It works in the classical way of a learn and earn program. You watch educational videos and then you take a quiz. 

CoinGecko Learn and Earn

You can get rewards such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or CoinGecko Candies.

By the way, you can collect Candies on CoinGecko every day.

CoinGecko Candies

After signing up, you can log into your Coingecko account daily to collect those sweet candies.

These candies are more like bonus points. You can redeem these points that are called Candies for goodies. At the moment, they are providing redemption rewards like NFTs, a Coingecko branded T-Shirt, the CoinGecko DeFi book, or a CoinGecko Swag Pack.

I was lucky and fast enough to redeem my collected Candies for the CoinGecko Swag Pack. 

So, you can get these candies also as a reward for a successful learn and earn lesson. Right now, you can learn about "Best Crypto Security Practices" and "What is KyberSwap".

CoinGecko Learn and Earn

You can earn some candies in the crypto security lesson but I am missing the quiz and the rewards in the lesson about KyberSwap. I suppose that the whole learn & earn program from CoinGecko is still in the works. Hopefully, we will see more lessons, quizzes, and, of course, rewards soon.


My Final Words

So, I hope I could provide you with some interesting and useful information about the new learn and earn program from CoinGecko. There are not many rewards to be earned right now but hopefully, this is going to change.

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