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By Cryptonator | Cryptonator | 19 Oct 2019

The most valuable resource in the world is no longer oil, but data! Our community is changing, attracting and popularizing cryptocurrencies in the world, because this area is based on blockchain technology, where everything is transparent, as honest, safe as possible. Cryptocurrencies are quickly gaining the position of the world community — quotes are growing steadily, which causes growing interest of users. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, the creation and management of which is based on cryptographic methods of information processing. Cryptocurrency is an alternative to fiat money. Everything is transparent here, as far as possible, projects are based on blockchain technology — a distributed database that performs instant transfers, you do not need to wait for confirmation of transactions, as in the case of banking operations, there are no unnecessary costs, and this technology protects against fraud. A decentralized region has great potential for development in almost all sectors of the economy. Decentralization is a key feature of the blockchain application. TYCOON https://tycoon.io/ also follows blockchain technology and offers the first fully automatic crypto trading platform.


Trading cryptocurrencies for profit is more difficult than trading stocks or traditional currencies. While the cryptocurrency market offers easier entry for less experienced traders, it has significantly more pitfalls compared to trading in traditional markets. TYCOON was developed by traders for traders. It meets all the requirements of professional traders in order to get a high ratio. Only professional traders accept the platform, retail traders can take advantage of this and choose their favorite trader from a large number of traders. The more complex the ranking system, the more likely it is that Retail Trader can identify Pro Trader, who has a similar trading style, who wants to trade the same crypto assets and who hits the market at the same time. As professional traders, the founders of Tycoon know exactly what professional traders are looking for and cannot find on existing platforms. Therefore, the key difference of this platform is to create a platform, referring to Pro Trader. Only this can lead to significant performance.

Tycoon is fully autonomous. Since customer capital remains at their disposal, each user remains in complete control at any time. Professional traders analyze charts and analyze market sentiment over a period of time and use them to decide whether it makes sense to buy or sell an asset. The asset analysis process takes some time and should be regularly reviewed and adjusted. Professional traders also gain many years of experience with financial products. Tycoon allows everyone to access this knowledge and experience in order to maximize potential profits while minimizing risks. With Tycoon, inexperienced investors can delegate the above difficulties. An investor can use his demo account, research the platform, gain initial experience in the crypto market and select his favorite traders immediately after the first entry. The platform provides the necessary instructions for the first steps of each user, such as creating wallets on supported exchanges. Only one registration at Tycoon allows investors to get easy access to cryptocurrencies and experienced traders. Tycoon only publishes strategies actually implemented by the respective trader in its own portfolio. The platform recognizes and processes all transactions in real time. This feature provides maximum transparency regarding past trading results. This leads to a bulletproof base for successful cryptocurrency trading.


To promote the project, the company conducts Private Sale https://tycoon.io/registration.php

All purchases made during a private sale are available for sale as follows:
20% 1 month after exchange listing
40% after 3 more months
40% after 3 more months
- Tokens purchased during crowdsale will be available after the sale of all tokens is completed. Tokens will remain blocked until listing on the exchange, but may already used on the platform.
- Tokens of the team and consultants will be periodically available for 15 months after listing on the exchange. After listing, 20% is available every 3 months.
- Bounty and Airdrop tokens will be available 6 months after listing on the exchange.


Token Distribution


Distribution of funds

30% — creation, expansion and development of the platform
40% — marketing and branding
15% — legal needs, such as international legal adaptation or purchase license
15% — reserve

Project roadmap


The competent approach of the team, which is the foundation of Tycoon, and the implementation of the planned stages will do their job and this project will win a well-deserved place in the world of cryptocurrencies. Tycoon supported by a talented team


Details of the project can be found at the links below

Website https://tycoon.io/
Whitepaper https://tycoon.io/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram https://t.me/Tycoon_Official
ANN https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5165235
Registration https://tycoon.io/registration.php
Twitter https://twitter.com/tycoon
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Tycoonio-1082428378632504/
Medium https://medium.com/@Tycoon.io
GitHub https://github.com/tycoon
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/tycoonio/about/
Reddit https://www.reddit.com/user/tycoon_io
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tycoon.io/

Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2177901
Username Bitcointalk: vitalicos
ETH-адрес: 0xE0bE5C1d4a084F44b2C97Cb107b292470F3b77F2

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