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Symbiosis Finance: Multi-chain Swaps made easy with just one click!

By CryptoMunny | CryptoMunny | 23 Mar 2022

Now swap any token to any token across chains using the symbiosis app. 

If you’ve ever tried cross chain swapping before then you’ve felt the pain of having to go through a less than seamless process.

It often includes more than a couple of steps, like wrapping tokens or converting them to a stable coin, opening more than one wallet (which means you’ll have extra keys that you’ll probably forget to store correctly), holding several native tokens for fees and then finally bridging tokens from one chain to another to ultimately achieve your desired swap.

Symbiosis Finance is a savior that alleviates issues of interchain operability with a much smoother solution for Cross-chain swaps and stable coin liquidity pooling. It’s fast, easy and unbelievably user friendly. 

A little bit about Symbiosis

Symbiosis Finance is an AMM Dex and liquidity protocol dapp that provides liquidity across multiple block chains. The protocol links between several popular networks including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, OEC and HECO . In the future, they will be adding Solana, Arbitrum, Terra, Near and many more.

Since June of 2021, the protocol managed to raise almost $10 million in funding from several VC backers including, Binance Labs and Avalanche to name a few. After the launch of it’s testnet in October last year, the protocol’s native token SIS held it’s strong hold offering in early December and currently has an approximate market cap of $11,839,000. The SIS token is used as a governance token of Symbiosis DAO and Treasury.

Why you’ll never want to use any other Dapp for swaps again.

• Swaps using Symbiosis are the cheapest !

Because the mechanism behind the app finds you the lowest gas fees possible for your swap. You will also enjoy low slippage rates increased liquidity for a number of pairs and all the while you’ll be the sole owner of all your swapping assets

• Great user experience and simple to navigate

The Symbiosis UX is super easy to use, looks great and gets the job done in a fraction of the time you used to spend on previous swaps.

Check out the app and see for yourself.

• Really quick and tireless

Now you can swap an ERC-20 token for Solana, or Polygon, or crypto assets built on Binance Smart Chain in just one step. No more additional wallets, long waiting time, or extra steps to proceed with a swap.

• The best part ! Symbiosis supports multiple blockchains all under one Dapp roof

Supported blockchains on Mainnet


Binance Smart Chain (BSC),



Supported blockchains on Testnet

Ethereum (Rinkeby),

Binance (Testnet),

Polygon (Mumbai),

Avalanche (Fuji),

Huobi Eco Chain (Testnet),

OEC, formerly known as OKExChain.


How does Symbiosis do this?

I’m so glad that you want to know more. Symbiosis’s cross-chain liquidity engine is made up of sets of smart contracts on every blockchain that’s supported by the Symbiosis protocol. It operates concentrated cross-chain liquidity pools and off-chain routing mechanisms, allowing it to tap into AMM liquidity across all blockchains. It also uses a relayers network to achieve all swaps keeping the process smooth and simple. This mechanism is explained detail here ! 


All in all, the Symbiosis Dapp provides users with much needed relief from a once tedious process of cross chain swapping. If you are a crypto enthusiast like me, who is trying to manoeuvre through your trades in the least amount of time, then this Dapp is a must have.

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