Staking CDL on CoinDeal

More and more cryptographic stock exchanges are falling into staking among others Binance , Kucoin , Coinsbit ...

Over two years ago, when we started with Masternodes, we didn't even expect so many blockchains to be launched in the PoS network 😉

Our Polish CoinDeal exchange also allows you to stake out your CDL token.

tack at least 1000 CDL tokens and earn up to 11% per year as a prize in one of 3 cryptocurrencies: CDL, BTC or USDT. For the first staking lasting min. 72h you will receive 30 CDL for free!


The interest rate of the CDL annual award


The interest rate of the annual BTC award


The interest rate of the annual USDT reward



CDL tokens stacked by users: 6960385 (69.60%) - max. 10,000,000

Staking means storing cryptocurrencies by freezing them in your wallet for interest. The commission that you will be rewarded with depends on how much and how long you will be staking. The longer the time period and the larger the amount, the greater the profits! After 72 hours you can unsubscribe and receive rewards calculated every second!

We will also find a calculator there, which will show us the profits of stacking 10,000 CDL here 😉

Staking CDL on CoinDeal calculator

Staking CDL on CoinDeal - calculator

We invite you to watch the movie



To get started, you must have at least 1000 CDL in your wallet - this is the minimum amount you can roll. Once you have the right amount, freeze funds for at least 72 hours. Remember that you will not have access to them during this time. After this time, you will be able to unlock your tokens again. Then the prize will be added to your wallet in the currency of your choice. The maximum stacking time is one year. After this time, your earnings will be paid automatically and you will be able to freeze your funds for the next year.

We suggest you bet for 72 hours! Each time you wager again, you will have more tokens resulting in higher profits (so-called compound interest).


You can read about compound interest in this article

At the same time you will have control over the value of the CDL token, which will certainly gain the value of 😉 over time


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