New on Flits and StackOfStake platforms


We are now on the Calculus list in the Flits app ! Now you can safely host your Masternode Calculus in a decentralized masternode application!

Calculus Flits

Check their design:


We now have the Scriv list in the Flits app!

Scriv Flits

Check their design:

StackOfStake (IQ) will be added to StackOfStake in a few days! on stackofstake

IQ is a PoW / MN coin. splits its block reward 57% to Masternodes (ROI 270%), 43% to Miners and 6% is reserved for Best Traders project or IQ ecosystem (DAO).

Learn basic information about IQ at

Or join their community at


Other informations


Their first batch of hashrate sold out faster than expected! But now they have more computing power available!

Start digging Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies from Stakecube Minecube !

Start digging Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies from Stakecube Minecube!

Regardless of whether you have mining experience or not ...

We present MineCube ! Thanks to their MeatecM partner you can now buy hashrate directly on StakeCube for SCC !


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