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Competition recommending Computta!

We are happy to work in a 100% online project. So basically, some of our team didn't notice any difference, lol.

But for many good people it was difficult to face the financial and other problems that emerged these days. We think that at such times it helps you focus on something useful and do it in small steps.

A strong prize for the first place in the amount of 50mBTC is still to be won! They also give prizes for the best 6 places:

  • first place gets 50mBTC
  • the second place gets 30mBTC
  • third place gets 10mBTC
  • fourth place gets 5mBTC
  • Fifth place receives 3mBTC
  • Sixth place receives 2mBTC

The rules are simple:

- The referral competition started on April 1 and ends on April 30, 2020.

- Only personal active commands generated during this period will count

- The one who receives the most recommendations wins!

- No spam or anything unethical in your promotions!

- No false or paid commands - you'll be banned!


Here's what you can do now:

  1. go to your Computta online account ,
  2. grab a referral link there,
  3. start promoting - publish to all social media accounts, blogs and video channels!

People, you have about 13 days left and there is no time to lose!

So it's time to get off this fence, roll up your sleeves, grab a referral link from your online account and start inviting people to Computty .


Have fun digging and big prizes in the competition!

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