SUNFLOWER LAND NFT game overview.

By Occultist Owl | CryptoMindest | 12 Dec 2022

Hello dear readers,

Today i'm going to be talking about a pixelated NFT game that its been a few months that i've been playing. The game is Sunflower land which in this moment that i'm writing it is in the beta state of the developing. Sunflower land game is not unknown through polygon network users, it is remembered as the game that broke polygon. Not that it literally broke the whole network but at that time the game was free and all the Bot-ing made a notorious GAS WAR that congested polygon to a state where transactions failed often(if you search in google you can find a few articles, that i personally found them funny at the time and i still do :p)

The game itself in this state of the beta consist into resources gatherings and building up the farm level, simple quests, wars between the goblins and humans etc. In around 3 days the gameplay will change and be more prioritized into your farmer( BUMPKIN). The interesting thing about this simple pixelated NFT( which probably there are so many others that RUG investors or delivered nothing, huh :[ ) its the open communication, code lines, art designers from community etc. It is very transparent in every aspect. Almost everything you can build or grow in your farm is an NFT which you can sell/buy in opensea or sell in the in game markets (they are functional but still building to become better).  It is a full web3 experience where you own everything in that game in your personal wallet and it has value small or big depending on the item.
I always liked games that doesn't consume much of my time but it has that fulfillment after grinding and leveling (: 

Sunflower land NFT economy is built around the main and only coin that is SFL. You can earn SFL through the game but it is in very small amounts and should not be associated with any financial incentive to earn some sort of income out of it.

Its been a few months that ive been playing this game and its like a passive consistent task that i like to accomplish each day. Personally i put around 40-45$ into the game to get a few items that accelerated my farm growth, i think of those dollars as gone and not as an investment as i do like the grind but you can easily start playing the game with way less. If i'm not mistaking the minting of you main farmer the Bumpkin will be 5$ in Matic and from there you can start to earn gradually( REMEMBER THIS IS NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISE...its just a game friend and keep it that way to not get disappointed) 

This is my farm now at this state of the game:



If you are wondering the skeletons are the fallen of the war that merged into an army led by this guy here:


And my Bumpkin which probably in another universe is a Targaryen:



Here is the official website and twitter of the game:


Overall Im a fan of pixelated games that is probably some sort of nostalgic inner child that silently controls the mature me into them. Their simple art is a glimpse of simple times.

I hope you reached the article until this last sentence reader (:

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