Cryptocurrencies Reach a new all time high marketcap

By Occultist Owl | CryptoMindest | 7 Jan 2021

As of today January 7 of 2021 the cryptocurrencies market cap reached above 1trillion dollars.

This is one hell of a milestone for the crypto overall. It is clear that institutional moneys that have been mentioned year after year in the bearish market that changed a lot of hands are finally here.
And they are here to stay, as we all can imagine that when it come to institutions they sure do a lot of research before they invest.
They dont just through money at trends without an elaborate plan on how they can profit from it.

So dear readers, this is a day that i'm glad i'm into crypto and witnessed such thing. 
If not cryptocurrencies, blockchain for sure will be implemented more and more

Cheers lads hopefully 2021 is a better year for all of us

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Occultist Owl
Occultist Owl

Cryptocurrencies Enthusiastic, Blockchain technology learner. Computer Science, Networking and code learning newbie.


This blog will be particularly my point of view and analysis around cryptocurrencies world, even blockchain technology appliances that i come across in my journey. I'm a believer that the next generation in finances and assets should be transparent to the public, otherwise government and authorities trust is lost from us, the people.

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