Most popular movies and series in which the cryptocurrency thread appeared!

Most popular movies and series in which the cryptocurrency thread appeared!

By Mrjeff | Cryptomillionaire | 7 Mar 2020


Cryptocurrencies are still new to most people. The thread associated with them, however, was included in some movies and series. How were they presented by the directors? Here are some interesting productions!

At the very beginning I would point out that I did not focus on documentaries or those about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This article will show you some film adaptations in which the viewer may accidentally meet with cryptocurrencies. some threads are long, others shorter, the point is to show how these issues have been woven into the plot of a movie or series.

The OA (serial)

We will start our adventure with the American fantasy series - The OA. The second season made quite a strong impression on me. It can be said that the thread related to blockchain, cloud computing and Ethereum has been woven into the entire filming. when the heroes reach a new reality that takes place in 2016, this technology reigns in it. A private detective investigates a missing teenager. All this at the request of grandmother concerned about the disappearance of the girl. an older woman tells her granddaughter sent her money over the phone in Ether (ETH). The detective gets on the trail of a mysterious game in which a teenager earned 31 thousand dollars in a cryptocurrency ...

This production will definitely be away from typical series. weaves puzzles into his story that the viewer discovers one by one. He also addresses problems related to acceptance and the bond that can be formed between strangers. It also shows different faces of man. The story shrouded in mystery makes the series itself quite intriguing. in turn, the thread with blockchain and cryptocurrencies perfectly fit into its continuation.

Mr. Robot (serial)

Mr. Robot is an American drama character series. In several episodes of the second season, the topics of Bitcoin and the fictitious cryptocurrency Ecoin are discussed - in the story it is a virtual currency created by the world's largest conglomerate. in the series the main role is played by a young cybercrime engineer who also deals with hacking. She suffers from anxiety disorders and clinical depression. One day the main character meets a mysterious hacker, he gets an unusual task from him ...
it is worth noting that in 2016 Mr. Robot received the Golden Globes for the best drama series. He also won many Emmy Award nominations.

The Big Bang Theory (serial)

There is something for people who like to laugh. The Big Bang Theory is an American comedy series. In season 11, episode 9 was devoted to topics related to ... Bitcoin. Interestingly, this part was titled The Bitcoin Entanglement. the heroes, hearing about the rise in the cryptocurrency market, recall that they once dug Bitcoins ...

Cheats (movie)

This is a 2019 comedy movie. A young man suspected of being a millionaire becomes the object of interest for two cunning women who earn their living by extorting money from the opposite sex. One of the main characters is quite carefree. he keeps all his money in Bitcoins!

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