From Wednesday's events on 24/03/2021

By Mrjeff | Cryptomillionaire | 25 Mar 2021

From Wednesday's events on  24/03/2021


✅ Vitalik Buterin: NFT can be a social good

✅ New FATF guidelines for decentralized finance and exchanges

✅ Tesla accepts payments in BTC

✅ Deutsche Bundesbank wants to launch a blockchain-based system without CBDC

✅ Is Bitcoin waiting for a deeper correction?8dd68ade8f670394275652098327ab342cd40b8435c18e82f3a1707dbe283318.png

The current situation on the stock exchanges:

The next day did not bring major changes on the stock exchanges.

Bitcoin goes up by 1.44%

Binance Coin by 0.72%

Litecoin by 2.94%

Polkadot by 0.05% 

Chainlink by 0.32%.

The correction is recorded by

Ethereum by -0.26%

Cardano by -2.25%

XRP by -3.28% 

Bitcoin Cash by -0.32%.



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