From Tuesday's events 23/03/2021

By Mrjeff | Cryptomillionaire | 24 Mar 2021

 From Tuesday's events 23/03/2021 


✅ USA: Canadian telecommunications company accused of complicity in money laundering

✅ Binance Smart Chain Wallet coming soon to Brave Browser

✅ Indian government will block crypto IP addresses of exchanges?

✅ Turkish lira falls and Bitcoin

✅ Jesse Powell (Kraken) "knows" when Bitcoin will hit $ 1 million3fc84a4c6ac22ccf82ebdeee5a715be31d95717ded709f41ee7949c834e415fc.jpg

The current situation on the stock exchanges:

We shine red for the next day. the correction is recorded by:

Bitcoin by -1.84%

Ethereum by -3.24%

Binance Coin by -2.90%

Cardano by -2.53%

Polkadot by -4.33%

XRP by -6.19%

Litecoin by -3.78%

Chainlink by -4.44% 

Bitcoin Cash by -1.62%



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