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From the events of Friday 02/04/2021

By Mrjeff | Cryptomillionaire | 3 Apr 2021

From the events of Friday 02/04/2021


✅ Coinbase expects to go public on April 14

✅ PBoC: Bitcoin's Rise May Increase Interest in Digital Yuan

✅ Bank of Thailand will start CBDC tests in 2022

✅ Lawsuit against Bitcoin Cash denied

✅ 3 altcoins ready for the rally up according to Tyler Swope

3fc84a4c6ac22ccf82ebdeee5a715be31d95717ded709f41ee7949c834e415fc.jpg The current situation on the stock exchanges:

Stock exchanges show visible increases after a day. The performance of all the top cryptocurrencies is colored green.

Bitcoin grew by 0.6%

Ethereum by 6.2%

Binance Coin by 5%

Cardano by 1.6%

Polkadot by 4%

XRP by 5.8%


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