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By Mrjeff | Cryptomillionaire | 28 Feb 2021

Here comes Eagle Network

Eagle Network is a new Blockchain innovation that provides entry level access into the world of Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mobile wallet in a gamified user experience to participate, engage, and earn Eagle. The Eagle Network  project intends to simplify the use case of Blockchain into everyday life of its pioneer users who understand that the world is going through a paradigm shift. f38e463d1d4b3ae55578ffd232651d079777af0da00eea21d604a5accf5a4060.jpg
We are at the beginning of the start of the next phase in the upcoming evolution in peer to peer payment and transfer of value. The way we handle value is changing and Eagle Network  is fostering the platform to participate in the simplest way possible and not be left behind. 

In simple terms for the users of Eagle Network, and its proprietary decentralized applications, it will provide a cryptocurrency that you can mine on your mobile phone, for free and without any special equipment needed by playing the roles of Miner, Keeper and Witness. Mining of cryptocurrency has never been so simple.cfd6d5263ecc2b45cb1e64253fdd3445cc7df3b443720739c1c6c9023dbf38b4.jpg

From the start, Eagle Network early users will be able to earn the highest amount of Eagle per hour which is 2 Eagle per hour. This will continue until members get to 50k, then the mining rate will halve into 1 Eagle per hour. See the Eagle Network  project roadmap for an overview of the timeline and make sure to lock in your pioneer rights before the next stage. bba5c98bd78a63dff0e2b83c2dc252f25b8c4adfbbfaddff95d29984b49104ef.jpg

after entering "wawrzon" 10 eagle to start in place of the referral link.


Link for android download Eagle Mining

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