BETFURY-I think one of the best free projects in 2021

By Mrjeff | Cryptomillionaire | 21 Jan 2021

BETFURY is one of the first "gambling" platforms based on blockchain technology, namely the TRON cryptocurrency blockchain. BETFURY boasts that it is the first Social and i-Gming platform that has a dividend pool in BTC .06ecb4cef815416344caa106d8c05ac6db35fdb8a06a6d4f3c8f49c239cf1875.png


1. What does BETFURY offer ?:
1000+ games including slots, LIVE casino, standard games like KOSTKA, KENO, PLINKO etc.
Faucet - pick up 10 satoshis every 20 minutes! Limit 720 satoshi a day!
Dividend system for holders of BFG tokens
Cashback - min. 2%


2. Tap
what the forum savers like the most - tap Currently probably the best tap on the market paying 75 satoshi / h! Perfect for people who don't want to risk their money.


3. Dividend system:
for those who play games, the casino gives out tokens, and for keeping tokens, it gives out cryptocurrencies such as BTC, TRX, USDT, BTT. Below are the rules for granting tokens:

Turnover required and tokens awarded:
Standard games
7,500 satoshi = 1 BFG BTC
45 TRX = 1 BGF TRX
2500 satoshi = 1 BFG BTC
16 TRX = 1 BGF TRX

4.Deposits / withdrawals
Deposit - BTC, TRX, USDT, BTT - no minimum
ETH - min. 0.001 ETH

BTC - min. 5,000 satoshis (2,500 satoshis charged!)
ETH - min. 0.005 ETH (fee - 0.003 ETH!)
BTT - min. 10 BTT
TRX - min. 0.1 TRX
USDT - min. 0.1 USDT


NOTE: The TRX cryptocurrency should first be sent to a wallet, eg TronLink, and then to the exchange. This is due to the fact that TRX is sent in a smart contract, which makes it impossible to identify transactions by third parties.

5. Referral system
20% from tap payouts
15% of the profit that the referral will receive from the purchase of BOXES
15% of winnings in standard games (% calculated from the profit from the house edge)
1.5% of winnings in slots (% calculated from the profit from the house edge)
5% of BFG tokens from the pool that the referral will dig



6. System of ranks and cashback
there is a rank system (11 levels) on the BETFURY platform. Depending on the turnover we have made, we are assigned a rank, and we can enjoy additional privileges. After registration, everyone gets the rookie rank, and with it 2% cashback from our losers. To advance one level higher, you need to turn 0.1 BTC - which will allow you to cashback 4% and access to daily tasks. The maximum cashback is 25% - requires a turnover of 10,000 BTC.



7. BOX
From time to time there is an option to buy a BOX on the platform.
boxes offer a monthly profit of 5-10%. As of October 28, 2020, AQUA BOX is available - the cost is 7,500 satoshi, the interest rate is 7% or 10% per month, depending on the choice of the calculation period - 7 or 30 days.


8. Additional information:
a certain pool of tokens is fired every month (in October it was 32,264,521 BFG)
More cryptocurrencies, a VIP system, sports betting and an achievement system are to appear on the platform in the future.
In the future, the possibility of selling BFG tokens.
Support available 24/7.
the platform offers hotkeye for all in-house games.53103f42f6bdeb1a4a9ccd8e99d532bca6fc9afc05739b7d2ca45e12be2e5319.jpeg

Tactic - earning on dividends

Step 1: Gathering Satoshi
To get BFG tokens, we need satoshis. The easiest method is a deposit. People who do not want to invest their funds are left with collecting small amounts from the tap - 25 sat / 20 min. of course, here you can support other services or taps to speed up the process of collecting funds.
I recommend buying BOXES, they provide a guaranteed income of 5% to 10% per month, which will significantly accelerate the accumulation of funds.

Step 2: Turn as much as possible
our job is to play and lose as little as possible and make the most spin. Currently, we get 1 BFG BTC for 7800 satoshi of the turnover. At the beginning, you need to define the base rate you want to rotate. It is suggested that the amount of funds to play should be divided by 300, and with larger amounts of funds, you can divide even 400 or 500. Too high a stake will speed up the reset of funds on your account. With a lower stake, we have more chances of a higher win.

examples of games and tactics known to everyone (each one has to take into account the loss of funds):
- dice - set the odds 50/50, raise 100%. The second strategy is 10% to win, 12% to raise, base rate 1 sat. Sooner or later, we'll have a long series of failures that will reset our account. for higher stakes it is a good idea to set the maximum bet value.
- coin flip - just like in the case of dice, only here we have to increase the stake manually
- keno - we set a fixed rate and turn on the machine. I always play with fixed numbers.
- plinko - we set a fixed rate and turn on the machine. I recommend playing blue
- circle - similar to dice. We always bet the gray field, in case of failure we increase the stake by 100%. The longest streak without gray field I have encountered is 14!

Above, I have mentioned the methods of capital turnover that are probably known to all. I recommend testing different tactics and not limiting yourself to one pattern. I encourage you to share your comments and tests on the topic. I also recommend calculating the cost of mining 1 BFG.

Step 3: Dividend
After collecting 10 BFG, we will be charged a dividend once a day. Currently, we get 74 satoshi for 100 BFG a day. At the beginning, I recommend re-investing the dividends. However, it is worth setting a level after reaching which you will pay out profits.

Remember to never play for BFG tokens !!! in this case, you will quickly reset your BFG account and say goodbye to dividends and any earnings.
I recommend playing for satoshi and getting BFG BTC as this token has a lot higher accruals than BFG TRX. Annual return 350% to 20%.
use cashback on your losses. Cashback can be collected twice a week - Tuesday and Thursday. If you don't do this, these funds will be lost!
If you buy BOXES, I recommend allocating the profit to the game, and allocating the investment funds to the purchase of a new BOX.
Remember, the casino always wins! sooner or later you will lose your cryptocurrencies, therefore the strategy is based on earning from paid dividends..

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