8 reasons why you will never get rich

By Mrjeff | Cryptomillionaire | 29 Aug 2020

You have a decent income, and yet you are unable to raise your standard of living? What causes you to be unable to develop financially.


1. Impulsive shopping

You see cool pants in the store where you have an ass like Jessica Alba and you absolutely must have them, no matter how much they cost? After returning home, you try to stuff them into the closet, but you have a problem with that? maybe because you already have fifteen such pairs and only wear two of your favorites?

I really understand that if you were wearing these particular pants, even George Clooney would look after you. He'd probably do it anyway, because your ass is amazing also in those jeans you already have.

Consider whether you are buying the next thing because you actually need it, or if it's just an expensive whim that will end its life after a few uses. How to distinguish between cravings and needs.

2. Buying what others have

friends exchange phones for the latest models, and you don't want to be inferior, so you buy too? Why are you doing this? Do you feel the need to replace because your equipment is not keeping up with your pace of work? Ok, replace it. Are you buying a new one because others have a new one? Do not do this.

if something is enough for you, there is no need to replace it. Are you afraid of not accepting the group? Screw this group, you don't need a bunch of materialists judging you through the prism of trinkets. The new phone will only raise your level of being cool if you are still in elementary school. I suspect you're an adult, so stop caring about the minds of minors.

Warren Buffet is one of the richest people in the world and he is in such a group of people. His buddy is Bill Gates, who you may have heard of too. bill has a house for over $ 120 million, Warren for about $ 652,000. He doesn't have to build a villa for himself, because he doesn't need it. He is comfortable with what he has and does not care what others say. You don't have to either.

3. Improve shopping humor

Are you pissing off your boss, colleague or husband? Nobody appreciates your efforts and you have a totally terrible week? This is a great excuse to treat yourself to a day at the mall. A new cashmere turtleneck and designer salad will immediately increase your self-esteem. and the money spent will turn into happiness in direct proportion ... None of these things will happen, it doesn't work that way.

There is no improvement in humor by shopping. Temporary excitement with a new purchase drowns out your problems for some time, but it does not eliminate them in any way. the joy of having a new item is usually short-lived, and often the awareness of a poor way of spending money adds to the feeling of guilt.

Material things do not improve your mood. it may be true that it's better to cry in a Ferrari than on a bike, but that doesn't change the fact that you still cry. Instead of spending money on items, solve your problem, if you have to, better buy yourself a visit to a specialist like a psychologist, trainer or nutritionist depending on the problem.

4. Buying the cheapest things

The most expensive things are not always the best, and the cheapest are the worst, but sometimes it's worth paying a few zlotys extra. There is an old saying "poor people cannot afford cheap things" and a lot of truth in it. the cheapest items are not the most durable, and it is better to incur a one-time higher cost than to buy a new counterpart of the previous item due to spoilage.
The balance of price and quality is important, and cheap shopping is buying the same, but cheaper, instead of something else at the lowest cost. don't know how much and how you spend

It doesn't matter if you earn little or a lot. There is no money that cannot be spent. Hundreds of celebrities have already proven this, becoming bankrupt. Start controlling how much and what you spend on so that you can save and invest more effectively. This is how wealth is built.

A basic home budget is enough for this, or if you do not want to run it - a simple way (which I described in this article). Once you know your costs, you will know where to look for savings. often we don't even know where our money is going, especially when the big unknown is small expenses in several places.

6. Life on credit

The poor coaches keep saying that nothing is beyond your reach, so you don't deny yourself anything. the fact that you don't have money at the moment is not a problem. It is enough to take something in installments, borrow it from a bank, from family, friends or take a payday loan. You will delay your credit card repayment several times, after all, nothing will happen. By the way, 0% installments do not pay off at all.

you do not even remember when you have been with the bailiff. He comes over for tea all the time, he watches your family album, you watch him take out your TV set. He's a cool dude, he always has time for you.

7. Short-sightedness

Your current situation is not a guarantee of future success. It is good to enjoy life here and now, but it is also worth taking care of the longer perspective. maybe PLN 200 is not a huge saving and you think what the savings are, but after 30 years you collect PLN 72,000, and using compound interest, only at 4% you will have over PLN 120,000. Would you rather have it retired or not?

and if you don't intend to save until retirement, chances are you'll want to change jobs or start your own business. How will you survive without financial security? Such comfort will be ensured by a financial cushion, thanks to which you will be able to take a different direction in life without fear.

8.ignoring investing

A frugal life leads to financial stability, but not to wealth. Unless you earn really great money and hardly use it. However, you are reading this, so my guess is that you are looking for a solution to your financial problems.
saving is only a necessary step to investing, and it is thanks to it that you can really get rich. You can invest in anything:

-Own business

-Development of your skills

-Stocks on the stock exchange

-Real estate





-and many others

you can only save 100% of your income (which is practically impossible). The return on investment can well exceed 100%. But don't get too hot that you will make a million from a hundred zlotys in a month. That's what sucker hunters tell. Don't get caught and don't worry.

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